Zenonzard: How to reroll to get best legends card?( Reroll Tier List)

ZENONZARD- Artificial Card Intelligence is one new card-based game developed by  BANDAI CO., LTD. Check out the guide on how to do reroll in the Zenonzard to get the best legends cards in the game. Also, the list of all legends cards that you aim while doing rerolling.

Why Reroll in the Zenonzard game?

Zenonzard game is giving features to reroll. The reroll is to make your future progress quite easy. Because it will giving chance to get the best SSR or legends card at starting. So if you have a chance to reroll, then I recommend you to must do reroll & get the best legend cards in the game.

Zenonzard Reroll guide

In the Zenonzard game, reroll is a very simple process. You have not need to play any tutorial such as any other game. You will get 10 pull chances from starting. So you just start the game and you will get ten pull chance on your game screen.

Just start to drawing the cards and wait for cards open. However, there are four types of cards. Namely, Legend. Rare, Epic, and common.

While rerolling, I recommend you to always try to aim on legend cards. Because legends cards have a higher power.

Below compare between all cards.


Reroll Tier list

Below list of Reroll Tier list for Zenonzard.

  • Flare Zaura
  • Emeli-
  • Acemy
  • Ziren
  • Mou
  • Schniden –
  • Sarah –
  • Two
  • Horned Treewalker –
  • Sylvie
  • Yahmy
  • Orka-
  • Lahrs
  • Rita

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