V4 Game: New player’s guide( Tips on Classes, CP & Many more)

If you are one MMORPG lover then V4 is one brand new MMO from Nexon. However, the game is just not as new as you think. The game was already launched in South Korea in Korean language but after the success of the Korean version of V4, Developer launched games globally in few different languages and English as well. Check out V4 Game guide.

In this article, you will get new player’s guide for the V4 player. This guide on V4 Mobile is covering how to level up, how to increase CP, and many more that all you need to know about V4 Mobile. Check out the full guide on V4.

V4 Game Guide & Tips

Choose your class wisely

Like any other RPG game, you have the option to choose your class at the starting of the game. So choose the perfect class according to your playing style is one basic thing.

There are six different classes available in the V4 mobile game. Namely, slayer, knight, warlord, boomblade, enchantress and gunslinger.

Use potions effectively

In this game, you have to need to use a lot of potions. There are two main aims to use of potion. First is for your health(HP Potion-) and the second is for your mana(Mana Potion MP).

To get these potions, you have need to gold currency. You can purchase these potions from Merchant. In the potion merchant, you will get different types of potion such as Inferior HP potion, Lesser HP potion, Common HP Potion, lesser Mana Potion, and many more. Each potion is works differently and has a different price rate as well. So according to your requirement, I recommend you purchase a potion from the merchant potion shop.

V4 Game

potion merchant

In addition tip, I recommend you change automatically use potion set. To changes this setting, just go to setting> battle and potion. According to your playing style, you can choose any from 1 to 99.

V4 Game guide

Join any guild as fast as fast

I recommend you join a guild. But there I recommend another secret tip for join the guild. Try to join a higher level guild if you find and able to join.

V4 Game guide

This is because a higher level guild will give you more EXP. And as you that EXP is one key to success in this game. So having a good EXP, you can easily unlock locked features of this game. Also, you can request in the guild and do donate for your guild member and get EXP as well.

At early game, focus on Quest mission

If you just start the playing V4 and this is the first MMORPG game that you are playing then I strongly recommend you focus on Quest mission and completing quest as possible. Quest mission can help you to complete your alliance journey.

This is because by doing quest, you will get EXP, gears, potions and gold. Also, the quest is one storyline. So gears help you to increase your CP.

V4 Game guide

After getting higher level CP, I recommend you to check out Phantom Abyss. In this abyss, you will get more dungeons. These dungeons are one amazing source of loot and as well as EXP. To enter any dungeon, you have need to pay entry fees. Also, before entering the game, you can check out the total loot amount.

Also, using this loot, you can easily level up your skill and your gears. This makes your CP higher.

But whenever you enter the Dungeon, check out your total potions and foods. So whenever, you think you have a lack of loot and need more loot, go to the dungeon and do it.

If you have any companion in your profile, try to send them during the dungeon. Because they will do your task.

Only level up skills that you are using

Each class has different types of skills. you have need to unlock new skills and level up to its to make it more powerful.

Many player have all skills and they level up each and every one. But I think this is one big mistake that newbie makes. I never recommend you to level up all skills. I recommend you level up your class skill which are you using in your PvP or PvE.

To level up your skill, you have need to gold coins. However, skill book is one alternative of gold coin to level up your skill.

How to get a skill book? 

During your quest, you will get a skill book. But at the starting of the game, I advise you to collect skill books as you can. Once, you unlock more skill and well understand about each one, choose any powerful skill, and use skill book to level up your favorite skill. So this thing saves your skill book and gold coin as well.

So this just V4 Game: New player’s guide and tips.

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