Touhou lost word Global: More than 10,000 pre-registration achieved!

Looking for pre-registrations for Touhou lost word Global? Check out the full article for how to do pre-registrations Touhou lost word Global and what rewards you will get after the global launch.

What is Touhou lost word Global?

Touhou lost word Global is a global English version of Touhou Lost Word. This is a mobile role-playing game developed by NextNinja and released by Good Smile Company. The game features characters from the Touhou cast, available to be collected through usual gacha mechanics.

However, you may get new features and new amazing content and banner in the upcoming global version of Touhou lost word. GoodSmiles already started collecting pre-registrations from a global friend of this game. Below all about pre-registrations for Touhou lost word Global.

Pre-registrations for Touhou lost word Global

Currently, goodsmiles collecting pre-registrations only at their official site. The developer not released any play store pre-registrations yet. So if you want to part of the global beta, you can do pre-registrations.

Pre registrations Link for  Touhou lost word Global<

To do preregistrations, it is recommended that use your working email id. So when a beta or global version launches, you can get a notification from developer. Once, you complete your preregistrations, you will get notification mail. If you will not get any mail, check the spam folder and remove the developer’s email id from the spam list. So you continuously get notification regarding the game.

What rewards you will get after when global launch?

Most developers set milestones for the pre-registration of the game. Similarly, the developer of Touhou lost word Global game also set milestones for the game. Below a list of all the rewards list that you will get when the game launched.

  • 10,000 Users – Reimu Hakurei & Marisa Kirisame( 1 of each character) 
  • 20,000 Users – 5 seal crystal and 1500 coins
  • 30,000 Users – 10 seal crystal and 3000 coins
  • 40,000 Users – 15 seal crystal and 4500 coins
  • 50,000 Users – 1 Story card (key visual version)
  • 100,000 Users – 20 seal crystal and 6000 coins
  • 150,000 Users -1 Story card (key visual version)
  • 200,000 Users – 20 seal crystal, 1 Story card (key visual version) and 7500coins

So this is a list of all pre-registration rewards for Touhou lost word Global.

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