TERA: Endless War Rerolling: Best Way to Reroll!

Tera Endless War is one amazing Strategy based game from JOYCITY Corp. Check out TERA: Endless War step-by-step reroll guide to getting the best heroes in the game.

TERA: Endless War game is based on Heroes of TERA at your command! You can recruit legendary heroes from the world of TERA to protect Arborea from the Argon invasion. Below guide on how to perform rerolling in the TERA: Endless War game to get the best heroes.

TERA: Endless War Reroll Guide

TERA: Endless War, reroll taking around 9 to 10 minutes. This took a very long time process. So I suggest if you have full time then choose a second to reroll. Otherwise, I recommend that do not go with reroll. In this game, to perform reroll, you have to need to collect 10 summon cube in order to perform the summoning process. Below full guide on how to get 10 summon cubes for rerolling in the Tera Endless War game.

Follow the below-given step to perform step by step reroll in the Tera endless war.

  • Download and install the game and start the game.
  • Start chapter 1 – “Restoration from the War” and continues the playing.
  • Collect pre-registration rewards in chapter 7. It will give you to 10
  • Go to the PUB and choose the summon option.
  • Choose Normal Summon and start the spend your 10 Summon cube.
  • Once, you satisfied with your reroll, Go to setting and connect your account with any social media. (Google Play game or FB)
  • If you are satisfied with your reroll, go to Setting>App> Tera Endless War and clear data and cache and restart the game, and repeat all given steps.
  • Repeat this process until your best reroll.

So once, you have installed the game successfully, you have to need to start chapter 1. As you play the game, the game will teach you basics of the game. In the basics, you will clear chapter 6. Once, you cleared chapter 6, your mailbox automatically unlock.

Go to the mailbox and collect all pre-registration rewards. From it, you will get a total of 10 to summon cubes with other rewards as well.

tera endless war rerolling

Now, go to the PUB and select the summon option. Choose normal and start the spend 10 summon cubes at the same time. If you are satisfied with your summing process, go to setting and link your email or FB with the game. Otherwise, go to Setting>App>Tera Endless War and delete data and cache and restart the game. Follow these all steps until, you will not get any good heroes and items.

tera endless war rerolling

So this is just TERA: Endless War Rerolling guide. Below some useful links for TERA: Endless War game.

TERA: Endless War Useful links

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