Sword Master Story Rerolling Guide: How to perform reroll?

Sword Master Story is one amazing Gacha game developed by Super Planet. However, you can perform reroll in the Sword Master Story but it may take sometimes.

Is Reroll possible in the Sword Master Story?

Yes, You can perform reroll in the Sword Master Story. You have a need for a total of 2700 gems to pull 10 gacha chances. So if you have enough gems then it may be possible. But how to get gems to perform reroll? Check out below full step by step guide on Sword Master Story Reroll.

Sword Master Story Reroll Guide

Follow the below-given step to perform rerolling in the Sword Master Story.

  • Download and install the game and start the game as a Guest account
  • Start the game & get the first five-star token after clear 3 stages
  • Get one Five star character & start to clear stages
  • Collect gems from the mailbox as well
  • As you clearing stages, you will get gems according to mission and achievement!
  • Once, you get 2700 gems you can start the pull. You could perform 11x pull by spending 2700 gems.
  • If you get good five-star weapons or characters, link your account with either Google Play game or FB.
  • Otherwise, start the game again as a guest account and do all these things until you couldn’t get any five-star character or weapons

So in Sword Master Story, you will get guaranteed one five star character while you are collecting 2700 gems for 11x pull summon. There is only one way to get gems in the Sword Master Story and it is clearing stages mission. As you clear more stages, your achievement is completing. As your achievement did, you will get gems according to achievement.

Sword Master Story Reroll guide

So just focus on doing stages mission until you not collect 2700 gems. However, you can also try your luck at 2000 gems. But the developer recommends that 11x pull is best for getting good gacha from rerolling. So I suggest you don’t start spending gems in midway. Just focus on 2700 gems and then start 11x pull.

Sword Master Story Reroll guide

If you get good tier heroes( mostly 5 stars) and you are satisfied with your pull then you can continue with gameplay and link your current account with google play game or FB. Otherwise, logout from the game and try with another guest account. So this guide on How to reroll in the Sword Master Story game.

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