StoneAge World Review: Another good MMO from netmarble!

Netmarble is known for its games. The developer has released a brand new MMO called StoneAge World. Check out full StoneAge World Review.

What is StoneAge World?

StoneAge World is a brand new MMORPG Game. The game based on the prehistoric world brimming with dinosaur pet. You will get a lot of pets inside the game. You have need to Gear up to capture rare prehistoric pets and head to Tectonika to stop the rise of the Machine Life

Talking about graphics, then You will get good graphics quality inside the game. Also, get the best Battle system and as well PvP.

In the PvP, You are able to invite your friend. and enjoy PvP Battle.

Gameplay Review

At beginning of the game, you have option to choose different servers according to the ping level. Once, choose it, you have to need to choose your characters for the game. There are a lot of characters inside the game. Characters such as woody, Bambi, Bubbles, Uba, Lucy, Speck, Biff, Popi.

Once, you choose it and gave unique name for your character, you game journey will start. At beginning, you have a need to level up your character and focus on earning more EXP. Because as you earn EXP, you will unlock more features of this game.

However, there are a lot of pets are available in the game. You can mount your pet and upgrade it as well. Also, each pet is known for its class. Each pet has each own class. Class such as Defense, Support and attack. Keep in mind that each pet comes from different family and island. There are mainly three isle. Namely Crag, Jaru, and gravelin.You can find pets from the Peachpig, Cuekabit, Beachtoise, and Pino Families on Crag Isle.

Similarly, Another MMORPG game, you can equip gears to your characters and make him stronger.

F2P Review

If you are one Free To Play type player then don’t worry. You can still play the game and enjoy the amazing world of Stoneage. There are not any pay to win. But still, you can buy gems and any other game accessories by spending your real money.

So if you want to decorate your characters with colorful accessories, you can buy and equip on your characters.

Final Review

Now, talking about final words, I recommend this game who wants to play a new adventure. If you are looking for a new game theme then this is one good option for you. Because you will get a new adventure theme called dinosaur world theme.

Also, get amazing graphics as well. I am giving 4/5 stars.

  • Amazing graphics and the new adventure that make a game good.
  • Not any PayToWin. So F2P players can survive and enjoy the game.
  • A simple, touch-controlled strategic combat system.

You can download StoneAge World for Android and ios.

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