Starlight Isle Redeem Code: List of All Gift Codes!

Starlight Isle is one amazing MMO from EYOUGAME(USS). In any MMO, gift codes are very useful to make your progress faster. So check out Starlight Isle all working gift codes to get free rewards. You can use these rewards to increase CP and level up fast.

In the Starlight Isle game, you will get amazing stunning 3D graphics, four different classes, uniques costumes, you able to Build a Legacy with Your Guild, and many more features. Below a list of all Starlight Isle Redeem Code.

Starlight Isle Gift Codes

There are currently five working gift codes for the Starlight Isle game. Below the list of all codes. Just tap on the Copy icon and paste in the pop-up box in the game to get rewards.

Code 1: FqG8nh6Ww – Use this code to get a free level 2 gem giftpack, 500K gold,2 inter.stats Potions for open to receive random inter.


Code 2: jCKptOQXs – Use this code to get 1 Pri soul gem, level 2 gem giftpack, and 3 Exp potion in the Starlight Isle game.


Code 3: q77SqU2qa – Use this code to get one level 2 gem gift pack, 20 refine gems for gear refine, and 2 Exp potion as well.


Code 4: pw5ihlvUCvOS2 – Use this code to get 8 wings for wing advancing cultivation material,20 refine gems for gear refine, and 200 blue diamonds for redeeming items in the Bound Diamonds shop.


Code 5: qxWVr6eRH – Use this code to get three level 2 gem giftpack, 20 purify gems for gear purifications, three 1.5 EXP potions and 100 blue diamonds.


How to use these codes in the Starlight Isle game?

To use the above gift codes, you just need to unlock the benefits tab in the Starlight Isle game. Once, you have unlocked the Benefits tab feature, Just tap on it and you will find the redeem option. Tap on it and paste the above codes and paste one after one inside the box.

Starlight Isle gift codes

So these are Starlight Isle Redeem Code. If you have any other gift code, you can share it with it via the comment box. This code may help other players to get free rewards.

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