Soul of Eden Review: First Impression with full overview

After a long time, I have tried out the new best PvP game for mobile devices. Yes, I liked the Soul of Eden. There are a lot of features that impress me in the game. Check out OPMOBILEGAMER Review of Soul of Eden.

What Type of Soul of Eden game is? – Gameplay Review

If you are love to play online PvP real-time portrait games then this is one best new game for you. This is one Portrait game. Soul of Eden doesn’t support landscape gaming.

In the Soul of Eden, you are playing against players who come against you with his own deck of cards. So you have need to choose your game cards before starting the game. Once the battle starts, you can’t change your current deck of cards until the end of the battle.

There is no any rule put the cards in the battle. Anybody can start the put cards in the battlefield. Also, you can cancel your card before put it on the battlefield. You have need to destroy your enemy main base. Anybody who had to destroy the base, he will win of the battle.

Also, you have to need to upgrade your cards to make it more powerful and effective in the battle. So this is an overview of the gameplay of Soul of Eden.

Is Soul of Eden provide good graphics? – Graphics Review

When I first time installing the game and hadn’t started the game, I was not expected good graphics from this game.

But after playing the game, I impressed with graphics quality. All animation that you will see in this game very unique. You never see these types of animation in other mobile games. Also, each card has a unique game and his own identity. Each card has its own animation in the battle. Also, the color of each card is different than the others. So you can easily remember each card and use of its.

I played many PvP games where the developer had copy animation from other games and stolen card animation. But I have seen anything in this game.

However, by default, the game will run on Smooth graphics. But by going to setting> graphics, you can changes graphics up to UHD(ULTRA HD).

Soul of Eden Review

Can FreeToPlay(F2P) Players grow up in the game? – F2P Review

You can use your real currency to get soul stone in the game. By using this soul stone, you can purchase anything in the game.

Soul of Eden Review

you can real payment regarding FAQ here.

So this is my first impression with my honest review on Soul of Eden Review. Tell us what you thinking about the Soul of Eden game. Drop your honest review in the comment box.

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