Skylanders Ring of Heroes Reroll Tier List

The Skylanders Ring of Heroes is one amazing RPG game developed by Com2uS. If you are want to reroll in the Skylanders Ring of Heroes, then it just takes around 5 to 7 minutes per one reroll. So check out Skylanders Ring of Heroes reroll guide and best rerolling heroes with reroll tier list.

In this game, you will get the popular character of the Skylanders series, amazing PvP content, superb adventure gameplay, and many more features in the game. Below guide on how to perform fast F2P Reroll in the Skylanders Ring of Heroes game.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes Step by Step reroll guide

Follow the below-given steps to perform a fast F2P reroll in the Skylanders Ring of Heroes game.

  • Install the game and download an additional datafile.
  • Launch the game, play the intro, and give your unique name.
  • Go to adventure and clear the first stage tutorial.
  • Go to summon and claim your fixed unit summon.
  • Also, grab your all free reward from Inbox and shop as well.
  • Go to summon shop and choose premium to summon banner and spend your five summon tickets there,
  • You can also use your gems for summoning.
  • If you are not happy with your result, go to the menu and choose the reset game option. You will get another chance to play with starting.

Best Reroll Tier list for Skylanders Ring of Heroes

It is very important to pick up the right heroes at beginning of any game. When talking about Skylanders Ring of Heroes, developers relaunch this game for more F2P players and with a lot of F2P content. They also reset old servers as well. So if you just start the game, then it is very important to get the best F2P heroes in the game. Below best reroll tier list for the Skylanders Ring of Heroes game. Check it out.

Spitfire – SS Tier

  • Best for PvP and late PvP
  • Comes with amazing leader skills as well
  • Also, help to increase your accuracy during battle.
  • The very good unit when you looking for Campaign Skylander
  • One of the AoE units from all two to three AoE units
  • A powerful unit for all F2P players

Strombalde – God Tier

  • Very useful for beginning 14- 16 days gameplay
  • Great for PvP at the beginning, after the late game, he will give a medium performance
  • In the early gameplay, it will increase attack by 25%.
  • Amazing DMG unit in the game.
  • Very good unit for all F2P players for the early game as well.

Astroblast -God Tier

  • One top tier unit in the game
  • Help to increase your accuracy in the game.
  • Come with a lot of HP. So you can use it as a Tank in the battle.

Chill – God Tier

  • A unit which as amazing Debuff skills in the game
  • Skills to freeze your enemies.
  • Can do amazing DMG as well.

Hex – God Tier

  • Amazing Supporter and has very good debuff skill.
  • You have a must understanding of the use of burst skills. 
  • If you are not able to use his burst skills, then he may waste for you.

So this is the best reroll units tier list for Skylanders Ring of Heroes. Below some useful links for the Skylanders Ring of Heroes game.

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