SinoAlice global: How to Rerolling? ( Reroll Guide & Tier List)

After long time waiting, finally SinoAlice global has been released. There are a lot of new things that are changed in this global version of the game compare to the JP version. So check out the best guide on how to reroll and which weapons must-have during the reroll.

Important Note

Before you go to the actual reroll guide, always keep in mind that there are not any tier list for gacha in this game. Because you just need to focus on good tier weapons. Using a higher tier weapon, you can easily make your gacha powerful.

So I must recommend you to always aiming either SSR or SS tier weapons during the reroll.

Also, as i said above there are a lot of changes are done by developers in the game. So during the reroll, if you did not get any good tier weapons, you just need to press on

SinoAlice global: How to Rerolling?

In the Sinoalice global, reroll is very simple. You just need to download games with additional data files as well. After follow the below step to do reroll.

  • Start the game and skip the beginning cutscene.
  • You will received 11x pull. Click on pull and wait to open all books.
  • If you got any good tier weapons, then continue with the game.
  • Otherwise, click on the redraw button until you get good tier weapons.
  • After you can put your unique name and play game.

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