Runelords Arena Guide: Best tips & Tricks to win every battle( BP,Decks & many more)

Runelords Arena: Turn-based Tactics Idle Hero RPG is one turn-based idle game developed by C4GAMES. Check out the beginner layers guide on Runelords Arena to get the best decks and manage your team with the best BP(Battle power).

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What is type of Runelords Arena game is?

If you are love playing a turn-based game with a lot of heroes then this is a new game for mobile devices. You will get a lot of Heroes with an amazing five types of different classes as well.

Also, the game giving daily bonuses and many inbuilt features such as joining guild, playing with global, and many more.

But there are lot of secret things that you have to need to know if you are new in the Runelords arena game. Check out my tips on the Runelords arena game.

Runelords Arena Guide & Tips

First of all, I want to give you a little tip. If you just start the game then follow the tutorial. You will get half-knowledge of all features of the game and how to work each function in the game.

BP(Battle Power) of your team is one key to win battle

After clearing Chapters 1 and 2 in the Runelords arena, I have noticed that BP is one key to win battle. However, in my some battle, my team had low BP to compare opponent team but still I had won the matches. But BP is playing a major role in the game.

Many new players are confused regarding how to manage BP? 

To maintain your team BP, you can check out different forms of heroes. You have the option to choose your hero in each battle before you are starting the actual battle. So I recommend you to every time, when you start the main battle, check out your BP vs Opponent BP. this will increase your winning probability.

To increase your BP power in the game, You can upgrade your heroes, promote them, and by adding a higher level of heroes. Also, Higher tier heroes come with high BP. So SS and A tier heroes are best to make higher BP Team.

“Summon” is an amazing place to get higher tier hero

Hero Summon is one nonstop place to get hero by spending the General summons book, Advance summon book, and as well your gems. By spending this thee material, you will get random heroes from there.

I recommend you to never waste your gems in other purchasing. I suggest you to focus on spending gems on hero summon. This will give you a new hero. However, in case you will get any hero that you already got previously, you can use this new hero to promote your hero. So hero summon is never wasted in this game.

Try to make the best team formation from heroes

Making the team formation is one of the hardest things in any turn-based RPG Game. Similarly in the Runelord Arena, you have a total of five types of class. Namely, Tank, Archer, Assassin, Warrior, and mage.

The tank has very high HP and also has good DMG. So it is a good idea for your tank units are on the first row of your team formation. Then you can put behind Wariro and any other.

So this is beginning a new player guide on Runelords Arena. if you have any doubts regarding this game, drop your comment. I will try to give my best opinion on it.

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