Romancing saga re: universe: How to do reroll to get SSR Units?

Are you looking for rerolling in the Romancing saga re: universe? Check out a full step by step guide on how to do reroll to get the best SSR Unit in the game.Romancing saga re: universe reroll guide.

How to do reroll in the Romancing saga re: universe?

The rerolling is very simple in the Romancing saga re: universe. At the starting of the game, you can perform reroll without any trouble. Just follow the below step to do reroll.

  • Download and install the game. Download additional data file.
  • Sign in with Google Play or any other social media such as FB
  • Claim your present from Gift Icon. You will get a total of 10,100 gems. 
  • Go to summon> select any banner and start spending your gems
  • In the summon, choose guaranteed SSR banner. This will give you SSR.

Once, you have download and install games on your device, you have need to download additional data files to run the game smoothly. So it is better for WiFi. After download the data file, you can start your game. To start the game, you have to need to connect your account with either Google play store or FB. But you can still signup in the game inbuild registration system.

When the game start, you will get pre-registration rewards. To claim your rewards, just go to gift>Claim all rewards. At there, you will get over 10,100 gems. These gems will use in reroll.

Now, to start your reroll process, go to the summon option. Summon option is below on your screen. You will get many banners there. Read all one by one and choose which one you want.

So this is just Reroll guide for Romancing saga re: universe. If you playing a mobile game, I recommend you to subscribe to our Youtube Channel and like Facebook Page.

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