Raziel: Dungeon Arena Guide: Best Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Looking for the best Raziel: Dungeon Arena Guide? Check out the best guide and tips on Raziel: Dungeon Arena game. How to level up, Chapters clearing, Gems, Classes, heroes, and many more about the game.

Raziel is one amazing MMO that offers very stunning high graphics with very good balanced gameplay. Also, developers recommend headphones while playing the game. Because you will get amazing AAA quality sound that makes gameplay more superb and high-class. You will get 3d immerse graphics that can Immerse yourself in a dark world filled with detailed character models.

In addition, you can do dungeons with self and by inviting global players. So these are just a few features of the Raziel game. When you start playing the game, you will get many more features.

But if you do not start the game and thinking about starting the game, Check out this guide on Raziel: Dungeon Arena Guide. This guide and tips will help a lot when you just start the game. Also, help you to solve any confusion about the game. So Below is the best tips on the Raziel game.

Raziel: Dungeon Arena Guide & Tips

When you installed and just open the game, you will class option. You will get three classes namely Namely, Beastmaster, ice priestess, and ranger.

If you don’t have any stuff information regarding classes of Raziel, Check out this Raziel: Dungeon Arena Class guide. This helps you to pick your perfect class. Keep in mind that there is gender limitation. You can’t customize your character. So I think this is one drawback of this game.

Focus on clearing chapter 1 & 2

When you start the game and do your first quest of Chapter 1 -1, you probably realize that there are many features unlocks. You have a need to sufficient level to access it. So it is recommended for everyone to level up your character as soon as.

But how to level up in the Raziel?

According to my experience, I have cleared Chapter 1 and 2 with all quest. And reached at level 19. But after reached level 19, you can’t play any chapter 3 quest. Because it needs to level 20.

But after reached level 18, you have unlocked the portal option. And this is one nonstop source to get more and more Experience in the game. So to get one more level, just go to Portal and start the do dungeons.Keep in mind that this is the ultimate source of getting more experience. The Portal will help you to level up faster. So after reaching level 20, you move on chapter 3. I suggest every new player of Raziel do first chapters 1 and 2. Because every MMO needs a good level and experience to experience game content itself. Without a level, it is nothing.

You can do a quest with three challenging modes (Normal. Hard & Hell)

If you noticed or not, But there are three modes for clearing quest. You either choose Normal, Hard, or hell mode to clear the quest. But why is the game offering these types of m0des and what is the benefit of it?

It is the rule of the world that if you work hard, you will get more. Similar in the Raziel: Dungeon Arena, if you choose hard mode then you will get more rewards that offered by normal mode. Same rule for Hell mode, it will give you more than the normal and hard mode.Below image slideshow showing that what rewards you will get by doing the Chapter 3-1 mission in three different modes. So it totally depends on you.

But suggest you unlock the portal option, do chapters 1 and 2 in normal mode. Because in the hell and hard mode, you will need a healing potion. To save limited healing portions, I never recommend you to do the quest in hard and hell mode at starting. Focus on level up at staring instead of hoping more rewards. After reached up a level and you unlocked all options, then it may best time to play quest in hard and hell mode. Because you already enhanced your hero with very high gear and weapons. So you could easily win the battle in hard and hell mode as well.

Daily Missions are an amazing way to get free rewards!

Daily missions and daily rewards are one amazing free source to get free rewards in any MMO game. But in the Raziel: Dungeon Arena, you will get this free reward in a different way. Check out below all ways to get free daily mission rewards.

When you first-time login to the new fresh day, you will get login rewards pop-up box. So you will collect these rewards easily by just tap on the rewards icon. There is 8 days and 30 days sign in rewards are in-game. Second is Daily online rewards, When you playing the game in a different time interval, you will get rewards. This is random by day today. You will get rewards when you complete 30 min, 60 min, 90 min, and 120 min in the game.

So this is a common reward and every newbie can understand. But I want to suggest Adventure type rewards. Just tap on the adventure icon and you will get a list of rewards. But to get these rewards, you have to need to do mission given by each day inside the game. Keep in mind that this is 8 days of rewards. One amazing thing about this adventure reward is that if you missed any adventure mission, you able to do it the next day. Also, some adventure missions need a specific level of the hero. So make sure you focus on level up.

So I recommend you to level up in the first and second tips of this article. 

You can set your control manually from the Setting menu

Having good friend control is key to winning. But in this game, if you noticed then joy strick is very unfriendly. I don’t know what is your experience. But if consider me, then It was very unfriendly. Because by default, it is Event mean joystick moves freely with your finger. But I recommend you to make the joystick fixed. This helps you to make your joystick location fixed. To do this, just go to setting>control. You will get all the different options there.

Also, you can change the game graphics there. If you playing in a very high-end device such as Snapdragon 765G or more, it is best to choose ultimate graphics.

Another main thing that I want to recommend for Raziel is that bind your account with any social media. I think this is one of the biggest drawbacks of this game. Without binding your game with social media account, your gameplay will not be saved on any platform. So to save your progress, you just need to bind your account. By default, when you start the game, you have not need any sign-in. And most players playing with that mentality that their gameplay automatically saving in the google play game. But actually, they were on the wrong side. You have to need to bind by yourself. So just go to setting>Community>Account and bind account. By binding the account, you will get free rewards. You will get 100 bound diamonds, 20K gold, and 20 Pet casket token.

Raziel bind account

Bind Account

You get one free pet casket every 30 minutes

You can use pet casket tokens to purchase pet caskets. Each pet caskets contains 5 items. Every time you open 10 pet caskets, there must be one level A pet( No need to open multiple). Also, you can use the pet casket token to purchase a pet casket. By spending 100 tokens, you could purchase one. Below probability of getting items from a random casket.

Raziel Dungeon Arena Guide

  • Level SSS Pet: 0.06%
  • Level S Pet: 0.27%
  • Level A Pet: 1.02%
  • Level B Pet: 4.47%
  • Dark gold pet materials: 0.22%
  • Bright gold pet materials: 12.54%
  • Blue pet materials: 44.06%
  • White pet materials: 37.35%

So this is best Raziel: Dungeon Arena Guide with tips that you need to know after starting the actual game. If you have any problem regarding mission, quest, or any others, you can ask my drop comment.

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