Raziel: Dungeon Arena Class Guide: Which class is best at starting?

There are three different classes are available in the Raziel: Dungeon Arena game. Each class is master in the different gameplay. So check out which class is best for your game style from available three. Raziel: Dungeon Arena Class Guide.

Raziel Dungeon Arena Class Guide

I think that selecting a class in any MMO is one most important point while you just starting the game. The class is deciding your future journey in the game. So without sufficient knowledge of the class that you are going to choose, it is better that you leave the game.

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Raziel: Dungeon Arena Class Guide

In the Raziel: Dungeon Arena MMOR, the game is giving three classes to you. Namely, Beastmaster, ice priestess, and ranger. Check out the quick guide on each class below.

Keep in mind that this MMO not providing gender customization after selecting any class from the given three. So this is one sad point about Raziel: Dungeon Arena game. Especially, most of MMOR giving this feature.

Beastmaster Class Guide (ROCK)

Beastmaster is one melee DPS class in the Raziel: Dungeon Arena game. However, in the Raziel: Dungeon Arena, there are not any good Tanky features for the DPS tank class. But still, you will get few benefits that provide by any DPS Tank class in any MMORPG.

Also, if you are F2P player in the Raziel: Dungeon Arena, I recommend you to go with Beastmaster. Because in any MMO, the DPS Tank class is better than others when it deals with F2P players.

Currently, I’m playing with Beastmaster and it helps a lot to clear quest.

Ice Priestess Class Guide (ALINA)

Alina is one Mage class in the Raziel: Dungeon Arena. She is very good at DPS and as well as long-range fights with good CC.  Keep in mind that in this game, you can team up with up to four players and can start war fight against others. So I think Alina is a good class for PvP.

In addition, This is a Diablo type game that included PvE dungeons as well. So you will easily clear dungeons with Alina.

Ranger Class Guide(VILSACK)

If you are looking for the best class for a long-range fight then Ranger is best for you. The ranger is archer type class in the Raziel: Dungeon Arena game. This is very good for PvP and PvE. 

Because ranger comes with a bow. Using this bow in the game, you can throw an arrow. Also, the game will provide another skill that helps you to enhance this bow of the ranger.

I noticed that lot of people recommend RANGER class in many MMO. This is because ranger has very good DODGE ability and good DPS as well.


So after covering all classes of Raziel: Dungeon Arena, below final conclusion on class selection.

  •  Best DPS Class: Beastmaster
  • Best Class for PvP & PvE: Ice Priestess
  • Best Long-Range Class: Ranger

So this Raziel: Dungeon Arena Class Guide. This is a very enough overview for each class. I hope, after reading this class introduction, you understand each class.

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