PUBG Mobile: How to get new PUBG PARTNER title in the game? ( Guide)

There are a lot of titles that are available in the PUBG mobile game. To get any title in the game, you have to need to complete your achievement according to the specific titles as well.

But Most of the players are very confused regarding to new title called PUBG PARTNER. They have confusion such as how to get a PUBG PARTNER title and what is the use of PUBG PARTNER title in the game. So check out all about the new PUBG PARTNER title.

What is PUBG Partner Title?

PUBG Partner title one exclusive title only for PUBG Offical partners. This will allow you to identify official PUBG Mobile partners during the match.

However, this title is only for available who is an Offical partner with the PUBG Mobile. So if you want to this title, you are one partner with official PUBG Mobile. Also, you are either content creator or any professional PUBG Player with good friendliest and regular YouTuber or twitch streamer.

How to get PUBG Partner Title?

There are not any  specific type of achievement for PUBG Mobile Partner title. However, there are specific achiemennt to get other title in the game.

PUBG Partner Title

As I said above to get this title,if you are official PUBG Partner then PUBG Mobile will send one mail on your inside your game mail. Check out it and get your PUBG Mobile Partner title and equip on your profile.

So this is just quick guide on PUBG Mobile Partner Title. If you playing a mobile game, I recommend you to subscribe to our Youtube Channel and like Facebook Page.

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