PUBG Mobile: Patch notes of Version 0.19 ( All new features)

Today, PUBG Mobile confirmed that new version of PUBG MOBILE Version 0.19 will be available on the upcoming 7 JULY 2020. There are a lot of changes you will see in this upcoming update. Check out patch note of the upcoming version of PUBG Mobile 0.19.

Patch notes of Version 0.19 ( All new features)

There are many new features that will available in the PUBG Mobile version 0.19. We made a list of all detail of new features in this patch note. Check out this patch note to understand each new feature.

MK12- Brand new gun

In this version 0.19, you will get one brand new gun called MK12. This will one DMR type gun withstand such as DP28 or M249. This stand will help you to main your recoil or reduce your recoil during fire with a gun. This gun will use 5.56 MM ammo as a bullet.

livik map

Livik Map- A new map with a combination of other four

You will get another fifth map with amazing secret features. This map will Livik map. The main thing of this map is, you will get a lot of hidden secrets in this map. You can check all about livik map from here.

livik map

In this map, you will get one AKMXT gun, waterfall and many more. This livik map is made using others four maps. So, during playing in this map, you will experience a lot of similarity with other four maps. However, this similarity may little. But you will experience.

P90- will available in the regular classic map (Only in LIvik)

In the TDM Match, you already have P90 gun. But after a new map livik, you will get one another gun P90. This is one SMG type gun. You can use instead of Uzi. Because this gun has very mobility and a very high fire rate.

This is one of my favorite guns in the TDM. But I am very excited to use this in the Livik as well.

Resurrection in M762 Iron Sight

Many players have this problem when they are using this gun. Without the red dot or holo, you can’t use M76216 very well. Because this gun has an Ironsight issue. But in the next update, PUBG Mobile going to fix this issue of all players.

Version 0.19

New Bonfire Mode will introduce in the Version 0.19

PUBG mobile will be giving one another playing mode called Bonfire mode.

Version 0.19

Monster Truck – New brand new Vehicle

After a long time, PUBG Mobile has introduced one brand new vehicle. This is Monster truck. As you can below image, this is an image of Monster truck, new vehicle.

Version 0.19

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