PUBG Mobile Livik Map Review: After playing more than 126 matches!

Most of ProPlayer may not like livik maps because of the rating system. But the truth is that in the livik map, you will get your chicken in just 15 minutes. To compare with other maps, this is so fast. But still, there are some review points from my sight.

I have played more than 100 matches in the Livik map & Got chicken around 75. So check out my honest opinion on Livik map.

Note: When I reviewing livik map, it is still a beta version. So take this note on behalf review side.

PUBG Mobile Livik Map Review

Livik Map Review

What is Livik map?

If you compare this map with other available four map, then you diefeinelty get some similar things. Such as Erangle milatry base, Vikendi icy environment, and sanhok type grass ground as well. So this is one not best but good combination from my side.

However, you will get AKM XT UZI XT, Vector XT, and MK12 which is an executive gun only available in the Livik map. Also, the monster truck is a brand new vehicle only in the livik map as well.

So overall I am giving 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Now check out my review on livik map.

You can maintain your KD( Kill to Death ratio)!

Many players may feel that Livik map is one map where you can maintain your KD. This is truth but half. Because this depends on your squad power and your experience of playing PUBG Mobile.

For example me, I have die many time in the Livik when i was just landed. So I think this depends on situation.

But still, I am thinking that you can maintain your KD in the Livik. Because once, you survive unstill 3 minutes, You have more chances to get around 4 to 5 easily. So check out the next point to get answer of this.

Avoid vehicles to travel one to another place!

The Livik is not a large map as others. This is just 2*2 KM map. So driving the vehicle is not a good thing according to me.

There are so many grass ground and many house and tent are there. You can use it as cover. I suggest always avoid driving and use run to find enemy.

According to my experience, most of the time, I am stealing a kill from the enemy. I and my teammate always looking for a third party. And there is not a surprise that you will get enemy fighting places easily. So I suggest just walking and look for a moment where the enemy fights together. Put a scope on your guns and start a third party.

But many times, I got a third party from others as well. So livik is one nonstop place where you can easily steal your enemy kill. But this may need a few experiences. Without experience and good planing, you can’t do anything.

Midstein= Pochinki!

If you have good experience and good teammates then you can easily survive in the Pochinki. Same as midstein, I think this one little pochinki of livik map.

Because in this place, you defiantly get 2 to 3 squad as well. But surviving in the Midstein is more harder. Because the enemy may come from powerplant or other location toward you.

But I think midstein is not a safe place you want to kill and maintain your KD. Because there are so many campers in this place. I experienced that everybody wants to kill the enemy and maintain KD.

This is the same thing for all player. So players start camping at one place. I landed many time on the Midstein but everytime, I got camper. They camp in one place. When you knocked their teammate and rush on their, you never get your result. Because campers are campers. They have good experience to how to surving rushing.

I suggest you want to take gunfight and good experience of close-range fight, I suggest go to the powerplant. This is an amazing place. Once, you finished powerplant’s enemies, you can start your urgent toward midstein. This is my honest suggestion. Try this my tip and this will help you to maintain your KD as well.

Never lack of LOOTS!

This one map where you will get a lot of loot. So there is no lack of loot. But always ready for a gunfight. You will get a lot of medicine and as well as guns and ammo on this map. So I think this is only a map where you get some amazing loot.

So this is just my review or opinion on LIVIK Map in the PUBG mobile.

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