PUBG Mobile library Mode guide: Best Tips & Tricks to win every battle!

PUBG Mobile has been released library  mode in the EVO Ground. This mode is an amazing mode and help you to learn amazing skill of each weapon. Check out how to win every battle in the library mode.

I have been played more than 50 matches and learn many thing from this library mode. Check out my recommend tips and tricks on library mode as well.

What is library mode in PUBG mobile?

The library mode is a brand new mode in which you have need to kill 18 enemies with different types of given that you have given default. You can’t change any gun without killing an enemy.

Once, you kill one enemy than automatically the next gun will be equipped and you have to need to do the same thing that previous do.

PUBG Mobile library Mode guide

Keep in mind that every time, you will get randoms guns in each new match.But one similar thing that at after kill 17 enemy, you have need to kill last enemy with only pan. So last pan kill is same mission that every player needs to do.

So check out how to play perfectly library mode to get the victory. Below list of my recommend tips on library mode in the PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile library mode Tips & Tricks to win every battle!

Divide your squad in 2-2

After playing more than 50 matches, I finally realized that if you want to be winner, then must divide your squad in the 2-2 teammates. This will make your victory path easier.

Because in a group of the duo, you defiantly kill at least one kill. Also, keep in mind that in the library mode, killing the enemy with a pistol is one of the most difficult things that I have ever faced.

So by playing as a duo, in case your teammate will die, you can easily get kill of your enemy’s killer by just one shot of pistol. Because your teammate already had given the damage to your enemy.

During the sniping mission, make sure you keep long away from your enemy

Every time, you will get sniper either AWM OR KAR98 or M24. Now, in this mode, you can’t kill play games has you playing in the TDM during sniping fight. Because this is a very large map compare with TDM Map.

So if you are going toward your enemy with the sniper, then your enemy defiantly kill you by just adjusting keep distance. So I recommend during the sniping mission, choose any one corner and find your enemy. Because corner or any object will cover you.

So this is my experience during the sniping mission.

If you die, mark the last position of your enemy

Dead in the library mode is a normal thing. But I recommend you to use a universal mark when you die or kill by your enemy. Because this thing gives an idea of enemy position to your teammate. Also, you already given damage to your killer, so your teammate easily steal your kill.

But in this mode, you are in the squad. So focus on teamwork. So never mind when your teammate may steal your kill. Give a thumb up to your teammates.

So this is just guide on PUBG Mobile library Mode guide.

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