PUBG Mobile: How to win Close range fight? ( Close Range Tips)

Most of PUBG Mobile players facing issues during close-range battle fight. Thay can’t handle close-range fights easily. So in this guide, you get my personal recommend tips on How to win a Close range fight.

There are mainly two types of fights in the PUBG Mobile. Either you can take a long-range fight using a sniper rifle or using 6x spray. Second is choose to rush on enemies and take the close-range fights.

But there are very low chances of you will revive after you knocked down. Because you always under enemy sight in the close-range fight. So avoid knocked down is one must recommend things when you are doing fight under close range.

Now check out my tips on How to win a Close range fight?

PUBG Mobile: Close Range Tips

Use UZI as secondary weapons

As you know that PUBG Mobile allows you to choose two weapons as your main weapons. I recommend you to choose UZI as your second weapon if you are one aggressive player or your squad is very aggressive.

Many professional PUBG players are recommended M416 and UZI as the best combo for close range. 

I personally use this combo. The best thing about UZI is that it is very easy to handle and a higher fire rate. Also, very easy to use when you are under close range. You can easily knock anybody under 50 meters of the area using UZI.

Play more matches in the TDM

Team Death Match is one amazing mode for training close-range fights. I recommend UZI as a second weapon. In the TDM, I still recommend you to use UZI as a main weapon and practice more with this gun. When you are satisfied with your performance, you can change the gun and go for another gun’s mastering.

But keep in mind that to become Weapons master in the PUBG Mobile, you must have the talent to handle each and every gun in the PUBG Mobile. Because sometimes, there is chance that you can’t get UZI and enemy rush on you. So UZI is one just recommend gun for UZI.

Use smoke during reviving your teammate

By throwing smokes grenade in the right direction give you amazing cover for 10 to 15 seconds. This is very useful during the close-range fighting.

So I recommend whenever you going to revive your teammate, make sure you are under smoke. So always taking 2 to 3 smoke during your loot period.

Always aiming on enemies head

Giving head damage is one of the most tricky things in the game. Many players are not able to giving head damage. But the truth is that by practicing more in TDM, you easily learn how to do headshot even in the Close range fights.

The simple way to learn how to aim for the head by placing your aim at the head level. What i mean is placing your crosshair on the head level will make it easy for you to aim.

Close Range Tips

Always aiming on enemies head

This is because crosshair aiming is one best aiming technique. The only one idea is that always aiming your crosshair on the enemy’s head.

Learn how to use shotgun

If you playing PUBG Mobile more then you probably noticed that many times whenever you land at pochiniki or any other danger area, you get shotgun. At the same time, your enemy has a good AR gun.

So at this time, without good shotgun skill, you never kill your enemy. So having good shotgun skills is recommended.

So gun how to use proper shotgun, Go to TDM and put any shotgun as your primary weapons. Because TDM is only one place where you can do anything without any changing in your KD Ratio.

Also, the shotgun is very useful during the close-range fight(less than 20 meters). Because with one shotgun shot, it is just enough to knock your enemy. Keep in mind that as the distance will increase, damage of shotgun will decrease. So make sure, your enemy is under 20 meters whenever you using a shotgun.

Holding your position is very effective in the close range

Holding your position is one simple way to kill the enemy who coming from your front side. However, many times enemy already knows your current position and can start to throwing a grenade on your position to kill you.

So in this situation, I never recommend holding any position more than 10 seconds. This totally depends on the surrounding environment.

In the open grass close-range fight, you can use any obstacle such as your cars, stone, tree, sometime airdrop, broken wall or wall, doors, and any other. These are amazing cover when you doing a close-range fight. However, keep in mind that these just give you cover for few seconds. But kill your enemy is totally depends on your skills and your gun power. But make sure, you will utilize these all cover during close-range fight.

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