PUBG Mobile: Top 8 weapons combinations (Best Combo)

Check out the best PUBG Mobile combo. In the PUBG Mobile, Weapons combinations is one of important factor. Especially when you are looking for chicken dinner in the game. So choosing the right guns according to your playing style is one of the most important things in the game.

So I made the list of my personal favorite 8 weapons combination (combo) in the PUBG mobile. I hope you will get your best combo according to your playing style as well.

Why Weapons Combination in the PUBG mobile?

Choose the right weapons according to the situation and playing style is one of the most important factors. Because there are mainly two types of players in the game. One who is an aggressive type of player. These players who always looking for a rush on the enemies or on their position. So these players always take close-range fights. Other players are snipers. Who takes long-range fight and then go for the rush.

So this both type of player needs a different combo. So in this article, you will get the best combo for aggressive type players and as well as sniper players.

PUBG Mobile: Top 8 weapons Combo

Combo 1: M416 & AWM

This is one perfect combo in the PUBG mobile in all ranges ( Eiter Medium to close and long-range as well). This is because M414 is one very good option for Close range and medium range. Also, You can cover a long-range using God of sniper AWM. It is one highest DPS sniper in the game.

So this is my personal favorite combo that help you do everything in the PUBG Mobile. However, many players can’t get AWM in every single game. So you can choose M24 or KAR98 as an alternative of AWM.

Below image show DPS od M416 and AWM.

 PUBG mobile combo

Combo 2: M416 & UZI

This is my personal favorite combo. Also, I am using this combo most. Because of Uzi. Uzi is one SMG gun and has a very high fire rate with Amazing DPS. So UZI is a very popular choice for pro players. Because you can easily shoot 25 bullets in less than one second. Also, you can use an extended mag to increase up to 35. Also, UZI is easy to handle and very low recoil.

But as UZI is a lot of advantages, it has also drawbacks. If your aim is very good then it will give you a proper result. But if you miss your aim then you may be in trouble from enemy attack. Because

Combo 3: M416 & MK14

This is one superpower combo for aggressive type players. If you are looking for rushing on your enemies then this is my recommend combo for you. If you put a red dot or holographic scope on MK14 with auto mode and extra mag then it will become one of the most deadly weapons in the close range. MK14 is a very high DPS.

However, keep in mind when you are using MK14, it is one DMR gun like DP28 or Mini14. So you have a lack of Magazine. But having extra mag, you can increase mag capacity up to 20. Also, when you shooting using mk14 on the enemies, make sure your aim is very accurate. Because of having limited ammo capacity, accuracy is very important as well.

However, keep in mind that handle MK14 is second difficult. Because as it proving more DPS, it has also more recoil. It has the highest recoil if you compare its recoil with others. So if you are a pro player in the PUBG mobile and can easily handle the recoil of MK14 then it is best for you.

And M416 is very good for medium range. You can use 6X or 4X scope and swipe enemies very easily.

Combo 4: DP28 & M716 or AKM

This is one good combo if you are looking for a reliable combo. As you know that DP28 is one good gun for a medium-range fight. Sometimes, it may be useful in a long-range fight as well. You can do 6x spray-on enemies by using DP28.

For close-range fight, I recommend use M716 with all attachment if you have. But sometimes, you can use DP28 as well. But keep in mind that DP28 as same DPS as AKM but the fire rate is lower than AKM. So make sure, your aim will be accurate on the enemy head as well.

Combo 5: M416 & M416 ( Dual M416)

This is one very popular combo. At the starting of PUBG Mobile in past days, I have used this combo as my main combo.

You can use 6X scope in the M416 to do medium range fight. Because handling recoil of M416 is much easier than other guns. Also, gun support more attachment. So recoil handling easier.

And M416 is also very easy to use in the Close range. You can use laser light with suppressor during close-range fight. This makes your gun more deadly.

Combo 6: M416 & DBS

As you know that shotguns are very effective in close range fight. PUBG Mobile already introduced DBS in the mobile version. This is shotgun and very useful in the close range. However, you need a lot of practice to use of shotgun in the close range fight.

But still you can use the supperser with SK12 as an alternative of DBS gun. This maybe give more effective results than DBS.

Combo 7: AKM & MINI 14

AKM is known for its higher DPS. In the close-range fight, you can easily handle recoil of AKM if you are one medium to good player in the PUBG Mobile. But i recommend suppressor while using AKM in the close range. Because in the my all cases, suppressor gave me more result than compensator.

MINI 14 is one DMR rifle. This is one only DMR gun that is very easy to use with compare with SKS or SLR. Because SKS and SLR has very high recoil. So newbies player never handle this issue.

So I recommend MINI14. This is one good gun while you won’t knock your running enemies. Just tap tap and your enemy will knock.

I think MINI14 is one amazing alternative of sniper.

Combo 8: M416 & SKS

if you want to more outfit than this is one alternative of combo 7. In the Combo 7, I suggested mini14 as DMR Rifle. But you can use SKS or SLR if you are master in the controlling recoil.

Because SKS and SLR can give more DPS but control recoil of these two guns is more challenging. So use this combo if you want more output.

So this is list of PUBG mobile combo. Tell us which combo you are using the PUBG Mobile via comment box.

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