Merge Gardens: Best tips on unlocking more area ( Fully Guide)

Merge Gardens is another brand new merging type game from Futureplay. Check out how to progress faster and unlock more explore the area in the Merge Gardens. Best Merge Gardens guide with my recommend tips on the game.

If you are like to play merging puzzle games such as Merge farm, Merge Dragons, marge magic, and more, then Merge Gardens is one another best game for you.

What is Merge Gardens?

Similarly to any other puzzle merge game, In the Merge Gardens game, you have just focus on merging different items together. But still, you just need to use your smart mind. Because sometime, you will get more rewards by taking smart decisions.

But how to progress faster in the merge gardens? This Merge Gardens guide will help you to progress faster and unlock more features with more explore areas in the game.

Merge Gardens Guide with Best tips on unlocking more area

As you game that merge garden is a very simple game to play. But still, I have some tips on merge gardens. Because In this marge gardens guide, you will get tips that you haven’t known before. I hope you will get something new from the below tips on Merge Gardens.

Make sure you have connected your game with Facebook id to save your game

This is my most recommended tip on the Merge Gardens game for every new player. In this game, when you starting the game, you will get any social media sign in or google play game sign in. You will directly go to the main game. However, after playing the tutorial, you will find the “saving game” icon in the game. But the game never suggests until you will link.

marge gardens guide

So my recommendation to every player of merge gardens is that after the tutorial, make sure you have linked your FB id with the game. So in the future, when you uninstall the game and come back again, you can start your progress from your end.

By merging eggs you will get creatures!

In the Merge gardens, creatures are playing the main role to progress faster. But it is only one way to get creatures in the game and that is eggs merging. By merging eggs together, you will get one creature and you can start the harvesting.

But how to get more creatures?

To get creatures in the merge gardens, you can use eggs. You can also purchase eggs from the shop. However, you have to need to spend gold coins. It depends on the eggs type. The rare egg has the highest price.

But many times, newbie making mistakes while merging eggs together. They have five eggs and merge only three. I recommend you to if you have some type of five eggs, try to merge five together to get 2 creatures. 

You can wake your creature by just showing ads!

The main use of Creatures in the Merge Gardens in the harvesting. You can harvest trees or plants by creatures. After harvesting drops, you can expand your village by unlocking more items and areas as well.

But each creature can up to 3 harvests on time. If you want more harvesting, you need another creature. Once, three harvestings are complete, your creature will going on sleep. It depends on the creature type for waking up. But you start the watching ads to wake up creature instant. By tap in on the show add button, you will get a one ad. Show full ads and your creature will be unlocked for the next three harvests.

After three harvests, again it will go on sleep mode and you can watch ads to unlock it. This is the best way to more harvesting in the merge gardens.

If you have need items, purchase it from the shop

In the shop, you will get items that you can buy from your gold coins. But on what time and which items are best in the shop?

Well, This is not sure. It depends on your requirement. As you show in the below image, I have needed two types of eggs. First is golden one and the second one pink type. So buy one egg from the shop and make two creatures.

 Merge Gardens guide

Similarly, You can use your own mindset and make perfect use of your gold coins in the merge gardens game. So just open your eyes and start the lack of items.

Try to find which item is left for merging. If it is a chance to buy it from the shop then shop. Otherwise, find another way to get it.

Few Important links for Merge Gardens

So this is my Merge Gardens guide with my personal tips on the game. if you have any secret tips or cheat that help others, you can give it via comment box.

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