Mega Heroes Gift Codes

Mega Heroes Redeem Codes to get free rewards in your bag. Currently, developers released only one gift code for Android and ios players. Check out a list of these codes to get rewards.

Redeem codes or gift codes are very useful in the type of game either MMO, Gacha, Action, etc. Using these codes, you will get amazing rewards without doing anything. But you just need to find working codes. Similarly to Mega Heroes, this is a brand new MMORPG game developed by 4399en game. The game is very amazing and giving very good graphics as well. But many new players are looking for gift codes for Mega Heroes game. We have found gift codes for the Mega Heroes game. Below the list of all Mega Heroes Redeem Codes.

Mega Heroes Gift Codes

Currently, One gift code available for Android and ios players of Mega Heroes. However, each code is different. If you are an android player of mega heroes, you have to need to use Android players code, and similar to ios players, they need to use ios players code in the Mega Heroes. Below the list of codes.

Code for Android Players: pa77ntai – If you are playing Mega Heroes on the android device, use this code to get B-ingots*200 Wings Pill*3 Pet Essence*3 Soulmaster Dew*3 Won


Code for ios Players: pa7z8zu5 – If you are playing Mega Heroes on the ios(apple) device, use this code to get B-ingots*200 Wings Pill*3 Pet Essence*3 Soulmaster Dew*3 Won


Code 2: goddessM – By using this code, you will get one GoddessM title. This helps you to increase your power by 6400CP.


Code 3: mua666- Use this code to get 30 soul power instruction, 12 pet essence, 5 roses for friendship gift, 1 wing promotion pill, and  2 divine weapons promote stone as well.


Code 4: gm4399 – Use this code to get 12 wings pill, 3 pet essence, and 17 soulmate dew.


Code 5: goddessM4399 – Use this code to get pet essence, 3 soul master dew, and 1 wings pill as well.


How to use these codes in the Mega Heroes?

It is very easy to use the above codes in the Mega Heroes game. you just need to unlock the benefit option in the game. Once, you have unlocked it, tap on it, and copy the above code according to your device. If you have an android device, copy the android code. otherwise, ios players copy ios code.

Once, copies code on your keyboard, click on the gift code option and paste this code into the pop-up box. You will get rewards according to the code offer in your bag.

So this is all working redeem codes for Mega Heroes game. If you have any code, you can share it via the comment box. Your code will help other players of the mega heroes game.

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