Magatsu Wahrheit: How to perform Reroll?

Are you looking for rerolling for Magatsu Wahrheit? Check out the best way to perform reroll in the Magatsu Wahrheit with step by step guide.

Also, check the full guide on class selection!

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Magatsu Wahrheit: Step by Step Reroll Guide

Impornt Note on Reroll!

In the Magatsu Wahrheit, when you spending gems on any banner, each banner offering you one SSR from the summoning process. So in the Magatsu Wahrheit game, you just focus on which weapon and GACHA you need to start the game. Basically, you can perform unlimited reroll and aim any SSR weapon for rerolling. Once, you will get it, start your game and go for progress.

Also, keep in mind that there is a different class in the Magatsu Wahrheit game. Each class is very good for specific weapons. So in this guide, you will also get information on which weapon is best suitable for which class.

Follow the below step to perform reroll in the Magatsu Wahrheit.

  • Download game from play store and start the additional data file(around 3.7 GB)
  • Choose your favorite class and start the game.
  • Skip beginning cutscene and introduction. ( Do this for time-saving)
  • Complete your first tutorial. (It is skill-based)
  • Start collecting different rewards. ( Login rewards and rewards from mail)
  • Go to gacha and start the spin.
  • If you get your favorite weapon, choose “OK”. Otherwise, click on Spin again.
  • Similar to start to spend with gems and gacha tickets with different types of banner weapons banners.

Once, you have to download the game from the play store, start the game and download the addition data files. It is around 3.7 GB. So if you have wifi, it is best to connect your wifi and download data. After the download data, start the game. When you start the game, the game will offer to pick your favorite class. There is a total 6 different class. Each class is master in the special weapons. Check out below given weapons reroll table to learn more about weapons and class.

After selecting your class, choose your unique name and skip the beginning intro and cutscene. If you want to enjoy the introduction then you can watch it. Otherwise, you can skip it.

Start the beginning tutorial and collect all rewards from such as PreRegistation rewards from the mail, login reward, etc. After collecting all rewards, go to Gacha and choose your banner to start to reroll.

So this is Magatsu Wahrheit reroll guide. A brief guide on the best weapons for different classes during rerolling.

Reroll Weapons Guide (Recommend weapons for a different class)

When you are rerolling in the Magatsu Wahrheit, your main aim is the best weapon for your class. Because each class is a master in different weapons. So this is a reason to reroll in the Magatsu Wahrheit. So which weapon is best for your selected class? The below table for weapon reroll according to different classes.

Recommend weapons for each class!
Class Name Weapons name
Warrior Class Courage Sword & Argent Blade
Hunter Class Lindworm Fang & FiorelEdge
Knight ValheitShield & Metronoah Shield
Gunner Class ThanatosCanon &
Priest Class ValheitBook & Picatrix
Wizard Class Gambanteinn

So whatever class is chosen, aim above weapon for each class. If you will get a weapon according to your class, you can continue with the game. Otherwise, spin until you will get not your weapons.

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