Magatsu Wahrheit Classes Guide: Which is best class?

Magatsu Wahrheit offers six different classes for playing the game. Each class is different from others. So which is the best class for playing the Magatsu Wahrheit? Check out the full Magatsu Wahrheit Classes Guide and brief information on each class.

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Class is playing a major role in every game. In most MMORPG, you get basic information from class names and class images. But still, if you are confused regarding class selection, check out this full Magatsu Wahrheit Classes Guide. This may help you to understand each class with the role of them as well.

Magatsu Wahrheit Classes Guide

In any MMORPG, you can play a different role by selecting different classes. i.e – By selecting a DPS class, you could be an attacker for your team, healer class is proving healing to all your team. So the class is very important in every MMORPG.

In the Magatsu Wahrheit game, you have a total of six different classes to choose from and play the game. Namely, Gunner, Hunter, Knight, Priest, Warrior, and wizard. But which class is best as the beginning and what is the role of each class in the Magatsu Wahrheit?

Hunter Class Guide

I think Hunter is a very special class in the Magatsu Wahrheit game. Because it comes with high melee DPS and more long-range attack skill in the game. So if you are looking for a combination of these both skills, then hunter is the best option to pick. This is the reason that the hunter is in the top tier class in the Magatsu Wahrheit.

Magatsu Wahrheit Classes Guide

After wizard class, this is the best class to do more amount of single target damage. However, both classes (Wizard & Hunter) are very powerful in PvP and against boss fights. Also, the hunter has very good in a long-range fights. After reaching level 70, you could be either ranger or rogue.

By picking hunter class as your main class, your main role will be weak your enemies and by taking support from your allies, be a winner in the battle.

Gunner Class Guide

As the name suggests, the gunner class is used guns as their primary weapons and doing amazing medium to long-range damage to enemies. Also, the gunner class has a lot of DPS.

Magatsu Wahrheit Classes Guide

Keep in mind that when you are in gunner class, make sure you are taking support from hunter class. Because both classes are dependent on each other. When you make combos of these classes, you can do anything on your enemies. So I think, hunter class can be the best supporter class for the gunner class. After reaching level 70, your two subclasses will unlock namelyGunslinger and gun knight.

Knight Class Guide

If you want to support your enemy in the PvP battle, then Knight’s class is the best option for you. In the Magatsu Wahrheit, the knight class is one amazing support tank class. However, do not expect more damage from the Knight class. Because it is a support class and comes with more HP and low DPS.

Magatsu Wahrheit Classes Guide

When you talking about top tier class for Magatsu Wahrheit, Knight is one top tier class in the game. In the live PvP gameplay, the major role of the Knight class is proving support to Allie teammates. In most of the case, your main role is taking incoming damage from the enemy side and saving your teammate. However, during supporting your teammate, you can also do massive damage and help your teammates as well. After reaching level 70, you can switch between either paladin or guardian.

Priest Class Guide

If you looking for a self-healing class then Priest is one good option for you. The Priest class has the ability to heal your teammate and do a lot of buffs as well.

Magatsu Wahrheit Classes Guide

According to my experience of playing MMORPG, most players hate healer class. Because nobody wants to give support by healing your teammate. Everyone is looking for either supporter or an attacker in the game. But I think healers playing a very important role in every MMORPG. Because healer class comes with some revival skills as well. By using this skill, you can also play a healer class as a support class. Also, the priest class has a balanced offense and defense as well.

So if you are one healer in the game, then the priest is the best class for you.

Warrior Class Guide

If you want to be a strong DPS for your allies, then warrior class is an amazing option for you. The best SSR weapons for warrior class are Courage Sword & Argent Blade. So aim these two weapons during your reroll time from banner.

Magatsu Wahrheit Classes Guide

The main work of the warrior class is to deal with physical damage to the enemy and make them weaker. In most of the cases, the warrior class is the head lead role in PvP and tries to save his teammate from enemy attacks. Also, the warrior has a very decent amount of HP and defense as well.

After choosing the warrior class as your main class, you can be Gladiator & spellword after reaching level 70. 

If you just start the game, I recommend you choose a warrior as a beginner class. Because it is easy to use and easy to understand their skills.

Wizard Class Guide

If you are looking for a class that has the highest damage power then wizard is the best option for you. The wizard class knows for his attack power. Wizard class has the strength to kill more enemies if you have good knowledge of his skill. Wizard has an amazing AoE skill that able to make the enemy weaker to compare with other classes.

Magatsu Wahrheit Classes Guide

However, learning AoE skill difficult but once you understand skills, you can do anything during battle time. Wizard is giving both attack damage(Mage and Rage damage). Also, you can use a wizard class for short to medium-range attacks as well. After reaching level 70, the wizard class offers you to warlock and spellcaster.

If you are looking to complete your quest faster and do more damage in battle, Wizard is the best option for you. However, keep in mind that the wizard has very low HP. This may create trouble for you during boss battle and PvP. So when you participate in the PvP battle, make sure you have information about the teammate class. Because PvP is all about teamwork. So Wizard class needs more support during PvP.

Final Conclusion

After covering all six classes of Magatsu Wahrheit, below is the conclusion.

  • Best DPS Class: Warrior, Hunter & Wizard
  • Best Healer Class: Priest
  • Best Support Class: Knight
  • Best for Gun: Gunner Class
  • Top Tier Class: Warrior, Gunner, Hunter & Wizard! (Recommend)

So this is Magatsu Wahrheit Classes Guide. If you are still confused regarding class selecting, drop your doubt via the comment box. I try to solve your confusion.

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