Illusion Connect: Best way to perform Rerolling!

Illusion Connect out now and you can perform rerolling to get the best character from start. Are Looking for the best way to perform reroll in the Illusion Connect? Check out Illusion Connect rerolling guide.

In any gacha game, reroll is very useful to get the best gacha character from the start. But sometimes, your luck may not with you. So at that time, you may need to perform more than 4 or 5 reroll until not get any good SSR gahca. Because in the gacha game, major gameplay depends on gacha tier. So if you have good gacha, you could start your game more smoothly. So reroll is very useful in the gacha game. Check out the best fast way to do reroll in the Illusion Connect game.

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Illusion Connect Reroll Guide

Follow the below step to perform a fast reroll in the Illusion Connect game.

  • Download & install the game and start the game as a guest account
  • Choose a server and choose ” I’m a tactical player”
  • Clear 1-2 mission and open your first summon by one gacha token
  • Equip new gacha in your team and clear first chapter 1
  • Go to mail and collect 10 gacha token
  • Go to summon option and choose any banner wisely and start to spend gacha token
  • If you get SSR then continues with the game
  • Otherwise, go to setting>Account>new guest account and start the game again as a guest until not get any SSR

After game installing, you have to need to start the game and choose the guest account sign in. However, if you don’t want any second to reroll, you could start with your FB or Google account as well.

illusion connect reroll

After start the play, you will get two options. Either choose the newbie option and follow all tutorials or choose “I’m a tactical player”. I recommend this option. Because you are going to perform reroll. So don’t waste time on tutorials.

Illusion Connect fast

After the tutorial, collect all 10 gacha token from the mailbox. Go summon option and choose any of your favorite banner and spend all 10 token. If you get any good SSR gacha, you can continues in the game.

illusion connect reroll

If you not get any good SSR tier gacha, just click on profile icon and find account and click on new guest account option. Start the game with new fresh account and try yout luck. You can follow this process untill not get any SSR.

illusion connect reroll

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So this is Illusion Connect reroll guide. If you have any doubt on reroll, you can ask via comment box.

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