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When any big MMORPG launched in the globally, New player of MMO are getting confused regarding selecting class. Because class playing a major role in every MMORPG. Similarly, In Icarus M, you have five options for selecting your main class.

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In this article, I will try to explain about each class and give my personal option and suggestion on each class. Also, You will get the best answer for why and what class best for your game style in the Icarus M Game.

Icarus M: Riders of Icarus Class Guide

How many classes in the Icarus M: Riders of Icarus game?

There are five classes available in the Icarus M game. Namely, Gladiator, Ranger, Assassin, Wizard, and Artist

Gladiator Class Information

If you just start the game and have not any playing Experience of any MMORPG game then the gladiator may be the best class for you. The main reason behind selecting gladiator class is that you have options for game style. You either be Tank or DPS by selecting the Gladiator class.

Also, most F2P are suggested to select a tank class. Because it is super strong and very good for PvE in farming. This class maybe help a lot in the dungeons.

The gladiator has two different weapons. Namely Sword and shield. The sword can be very useful during the PvP battle. Shield can be useful in the PvE.

Personally, I am a F2P player, So I am starting the game with Gladiator class.

Ranger Class Information

As the name RANGER suggests, this is Archer type class who is an expert in the Long-range fight. I have played many MMO and have good experience in ranger type class. So this is never a bad class when you are looking for a long-range master class.

In the PvE, you can easily win boss fights because the ranger is very good for long-range. So using her dodge skill ability, you can easily win fights against the boss. Similarly, In the PvP fight, you can easily stay away from AoE fight and deal massive damage by just standing away.

So I highly recommend RANGER class for those players who are looking for a simple and easy to play class. Also, this is one best class in the PvE.

Assassin Class Information

If you are looking for a class that has the highest DPS( Damage per Second) then I strongly recommend you to be Assassin in the Icarus M. This is the only class that can deal with very high damage in both styles of gameplay( PvE & PvP).

But still, this is a melee type of class, There are a lot of disadvantage in the battlefield as well. Also, I think handling this class is pretty difficult. So I never recommend a new player to choose this one. However, You can give a lot of damage to the PvP battlefield. So you will easily clean the battlefield area very easily.

So I highly recommend this class to players who want a melee DPS class. Because this class strength to clear fight very quickly.

Wizard Class Information

The Wizard is one mage class. He needs a very high skill setup and you must have a lot of talent to handle this class. However, his magical damage is very useful in the mid to long-range.

So if you want to do magical damage with good CC, then I recommend you go with the wizard class in the Icarus M game.

Artist class information

The artist is a very unique class in the Icarus M game. The main weapon of the Artist class is BRUSH. This brush weapon is very very good for close range and sometime in the mid-range fight.

Icarus M class guide

While during the Boss fight, this class is never disappointed you. Because she can easily boss’s AoE damage by just swipe brush weapon. But I never recommend this class for PvP. Because when you are surrounding with enemy AoE attack, this class will not help you a lot.

If you are looking for the best PvP class then I recommend you to go with the Artist class. Because she has a master weapon that can be one good weapon against enemy AoE attack.

Final Conclusion

After covering all classes of Icarus M, Below My short conclusion for each class.

  • Best DPSTank class: Gladiator, Assassin
  • Best Class for PvP: Artist& Gladiator
  • Best Class for PvE: Ranger
  • Best Mage class: Wizard
  • Best in Overall: Gladiator, Ranger, Artist

So this is my overview for all classes of the Icarus M game. Still, if you have any doubts or questions, you can be asked by just drop your comment in the comment box.

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