Icarus M Guide: Tips that You need to know!

Icarus M is one amazing MMO for Mobile. You will get four Different classes, a pet system, and many more as you can find in others. After playing the Icarus M, I am going to giving my personal recommend tips on Icarus M. Check out this Icarus M guide. However, Still, I am playing the Icarus and discovering new content in the game.

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I have played many MMORPG games in 2020. According to my personal Experience, In every MMO game, you have good knowledge of available classes and how one class is different from the others. So my tip on Icarus M is in classes.

Icarus M Guide: Top recommend tips to new players!

Choose your class wisely from available five

There are five different classes in the Icarus M. Namely, GladiatorRangerAssassinWizard, and Artist

Each class is a different power and has its own different skill set. Every class is powerful in different sectors. i.e: Ranger is the best one for PvE according to me. Below my suggestion for each class.

  • Best DPS – Tank classGladiator, Assassin
  • Best Class for PvPArtistGladiator
  • Best Class for PvERanger
  • Best Mage classWizard
  • Best in OverallGladiatorRangerArtist

To more information about the class, check the Icarus M class guide.

Focus on Main Quest to gain more EXP!

In any MMO game, The main thing is to unlock all features of the game. To unlock features, you have a sufficient level according to the feature required. So level up your character is the main priority when you start any MMO.

To level in the Icarus M, you have a need for EXP. By doing the Main quest, you will get a lot of EXP. This will help you to level up your character. So I suggest you to when you start the Icarus M, first start the doing main quest other than focus on a side quest and any other event mission.

May many people suggest you increase CP(Combat Power). But there are many ways to get more combat power. So don’t focus on CP in your fresh 3 to 4 hours of the game.

Make sure you are playing side event!

The event is a free way to get free rewards. Icarus M is releasing new events when the current one ended. By click on the Event icon( Button left), you will get the current events pop up.

At end of the page, you will get the rule for the current event. Before starting any event ( in current or future), read all given rules. So you will get a basic idea about the event as well.

Icarus M guide

Icarus m event

The main benefit of the event is it will give you free rewards. You not need any gold or any other item to enter the event and play the event.

Change Default Setting( Graphics, Notification & more)

I think this is not a major part of the guide. But this is under the quick tip. If you do not want any future notification from Icarus M on your mobile, go to setting>notification and stop notification that you want to ignore in the future.

Icarus M guide

In addition, you can choose the Graphics option in the setting. If you want to experience real graphics then I suggest you play the game in the High Graphics. Keep in mind that the higher the graphics more battery consume & heat the phone.

So this my Icarus M guide with my recommend tips for every new player in the game. If you any suggestions for a newbie, drop your comment. It will help others to level up or make their journey easier.

Collect Free rewards every day ( Login Rewards, login time rewards & Special attendance rewards)

Every day, the server is reset. This depends on your time zone. So when you first-time login to the new fresh day, it is a good thing that collects all login rewards. Not just login rewards, you can collect rewards from the game mail system. The May game has sent any free rewards via mail.

There are main three types of login rewards.

  • Daily Login Rewards
  • Long time rewards
  • Special attendance event rewards

Make sure, you are collecting these rewards daily.

Purchase a free item from the shop( it reset every day)

This is my most recommended tip for every F2P player of Icarus M. I am a F2P player, so I am always looking for free purchasing in the game.

This means not shop only free items from the shop. You can shop for anything from the shop by spending gold and real money. I never recommend you to waste real money in any MMO. But if you are one big friend of MMO, then you can do it.

Icarus M guide

Purchase a free item from the shop( it reset every day)

Also, you can buy “Fruit of the day” very low price. Just to go Shop>Summon> Familiar and find the fruit of the day. The main use of the Fruit of a day pack is that it will help a lot to level up your Familiar. 

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