Heroes War: CountAttack Tier: Best Units for Reroll

Finally, Heroes War: CountAttack launched globally. But the major question is which units are best in the Heroes War: CountAttack for rerolling. So check out Heroes War: CountAttack reroll guide with reroll tier list to understand step by step guide and list of best SSR Units for rerolling process.

In the Heroes War: CountAttack, each reroll will take around 5 to 7 minutes(Depend on your speed of playing tutorials). So take out step by step Heroes War: CountAttack rerolls guide.

Heroes War: CountAttack: Step by Step reroll guide

Follow the below steps to perform fast rerolling in the Heroes War: CountAttack game.

  • Download and install the game & skip the beginning cutscene.
  • Start playing the story and unlock your few contracts in the game.
  • Collect from 7 days of login rewards.
  • Play story mission until occupation will not clear.
  • Click on the Gift icon and claim your free rewards. 
  • Go to the Draw option and choose the selective draw banner. (Limited)
  • It will give you 30 pull chances. Each pull gives you 10 randoms units. If you will get the best out of 10, hit the GET button. 
  • Otherwise, go to another pull. After, 30 pull, if you will not get your units, change your account and login with another id, and repeat all steps.

So in the Heroes War: CountAttack, the rerolling will taking around 5 to 7 minutes. Start the game and skip your beginning cutscene and claim do story until the occasion chapter not cleared. Once, you have cleared Occupation, you will get the draw option. Go to Draw and choose a selective banner.

Heroes War CountAttack reroll

It will give you a 30 pulls chance. Each pull will give you 10 randoms unit according to your luck. If pull gives you the best units, click on the Get button. Otherwise, click on the reroll button. After 30 pull, if you will not get your best units, you can reroll with your another Play game account and repeat all same steps.

Heroes War CountAttack reroll

Heroes War: CountAttack Tier List

It is not recommended that every time, you aim at your SSR units from rerolling. Sometimes, SR or R unit may better than the SSR unit. Also, you can the Heroes War CounterAttack game, you can make your unit stronger by upgrading your skill. So below a list of best contracts or heroes that you must aims for during reroll time.


Tala is very strong in PvP and as well as PvE for farming items. This is the ranger unit. So this is a very good unit for a long-range fight. As a ranger in the game, she has two amazing skills for long-range namely Spear Throw and snare throw. Both skills are very powerful for PvP. Also, by upgrading her skill, you can increase skill distances also.

So you can aim at Tala from rerolling. This is a very powerful ranger unit in the Heroes War game.


Popo is support units the Heroes war and he has very magic attack skill. Also, come with healing skills called Cheering clap, Lucky coin, and pigeon finale. Each of his skills helps you to increase your ally’s HP. This is the best SSR recommend healing unit in the Heroes war. If you are looking for the best healer and supporter unit, then must aim Popo during your reroll time.


Examina is a ranger unit and comes with very amazing long-range skills. She used a revolver as her primary weapon and most of the skills based on her gun. As a ranger in the game, you can put examina in the middle of your team and can take very good advantage of her.

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