Grand Alliance Game: Best way to perform Reroll!

Grand Alliance is a brand new MMO from Crunchyroll Games, LLC. Check out how to perform reroll in the Grand Alliance Game to get the best heroes in the game.

Is Grand Alliance support rerolling?

Yes, you can perform the reroll process in the Grand Alliance game. And it is worth it. If you start the game with amazing heroes then you can choose a second to reroll. Otherwise, if you want just to enjoy the game, then you can start with any star heroes in the game.

Grand Alliance Game: The best way to perform Reroll!

Important note before starting the actual reroll

Grand Alliance is a game in which you have to need to download around 730 MB resources files from the game server. Because when you download a game from Playstore, it will give you only APK. There is no any OBB file.

So In case, you will not any good hero by summoning. Don’t clear data from the setting. It will delete your downloaded resources files. However, if you have WiFi facility, then you can go with it. But every player has not good WiFi.

Grand Alliance reroll

So I recommend these players, don’t use the traditional reroll method. Use your other Google Play game id or FB id to start a new journey in the Grand Alliance.

Follow the Below step to perform the best reroll in the Grand Alliance game.

  • Download the game and start the download resource file.
  • Login with Gmail or FB account and start the game.
  • Play the beginning two tutorials and collect pre-registration rewards.
  • You will get around 1500 gems from the gift box.
  • By add 1500 gem, you have a total of 2100 up gems.
  • Go to the shop and choose any summon
  • Sart the spending gems. You will get a total x30 to summon chances
  • If you are satisfied with the heroes that you got, continues with the game.
  • Otherwise, go to setting>logout and login with new FB or Play game id.

Important link for Grand Alliance

Which banner is best for reroll?

Well, this totally depends on your lucks. But current, there are four banners are available for rerolling. Two are permanent and two are limited time. It will end soon when the time period over.

Grand Alliance Drops Rates icon

Grand Alliance Drops Rates icon

I recommend you to before choosing any banner, read ” Drop rates” of each summon. By click on the ” Drop Rates” icon, you will get a new pop up. Check out all heroes and resources.

Grand Alliance Drops Rates icon

Also, check out which hero is the highest drop rate. This will help you to find perfect banner for rerolling.

So this is a quick guide on how to reroll in the Grand Alliance Game.

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