Goddess of Genesis Tier List

There are so many heroes are available in the Goddess of Genesis(GoG) game. Having knowledge of each hero is one good deal for beginner players of this game. Check out the Tier list for Goddess of Genesis.

Keep in mind that you can use reroll to get the best SSR heroes from the beginning of the game. So if you have not got any good SSR hero, check out our Reroll guide.

Goddess of Genesis Reroll Guide

There are major two way that you can use for reroll. Either you have high-speed internet to do multiple time reroll. Or you have must multiple social media account such as FB or Gmail.

If you start playing the game as a guest account, then in case you did not get any good SSR heroes, you have need to download 1.3 GB data again to start a second reroll. While having a multiple Social account, you can switch the account to do reroll. So having high-speed WiFi then Delete Data in the setting is the best way. This is one traditional way to do reroll.

But players who are suffering from lack of data, then they can use multiple accounts (Either FB or Gmail- PlayGame).

To start the reroll, you have need to play beginner tutorial of the game and at the end of the game, you can collect pre-registration rewards. Once, collected it, go to Summon option( This option already unlocked while playing tutorial of the game) and choose your favorite banner there. Keep in mind you have got 10 pull tickets for the summoning of heroes. So the use of these is in the banner. If you are satisfied with your heroes then play game continues. Otherwise, you can do as I said already in the above guide.

Goddess of Genesis Tier List

Below image of the tier list for GoG.

Goddess of Genesis Tier List

Goddess of Genesis Tier List

Artemis – SSR Tier Hero

She is one amazing shooter in the game. To get her, reroll is recommend but you still get her at end game. Also, she can easily turn down enemy DEF as well.

Isabella – SSR Tier Hero

Isabella is the best Healer you can get in the Goddess of Genesis game. It is a pulse in the composition of the PvP team and can determine the defeat or victory of a battle.you have need to do reroll to get isabella in the game.

Dracula – SSR Tier Hero

Dracula can use the skill to absorb enemy blood and protect teammates with their shields. He is a Tank Hero who is truly reliable. you have need to do reroll to get Dracula in the game.

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