Goddess of Genesis S: Top Tier Rerolling Characters!

Finally Goddess of Genesis S global launch. Most of the new players looking for a reroll guide for the Goddess of Genesis S game and want to know top tier characters from rerolling. So check out a list of all the best characters that you should aim for during your reroll.

Keep in mind that you can’t use the traditional reroll method( Clear app game data and cache and restart), you must need another email id in order to perform a second reroll. Similar to perform a third reroll, you must need to third unique email id for the game. So this is a little note before you start the rerolling in the Goddess of Genesis S game.

Goddess of Genesis S Reroll Guide

If you are looking for a second reroll in the Goddess of Genesis S then it recommends suggestions that do your first reroll as a guest account. Because in order to perform a second reroll, you just need to multiple email id or FB account. However, the game starting as a guest account by default. And after you need to connect your account. But the problem will arise when you switching accounts. You can’t log in a second time when you retry to log in as a guest. You will get your game progress when retrying with the guest account.

Below step by step guide on how to perform reroll in the Goddess of Genesis S.

  • Install the Goddess of Genesis S game and download game data.
  • Choose a low ping server and start the game.
  • In order to perform a fast reroll, skip the beginning cutscene, and introduction.
  • Start to play the beginning tutorial and do some basic tasks. (Hero upgrade, equipment, etc)
  • After a few tutorials, you will unlock the Summon option. Perform your first summon. You will get one Gacha character. (Mostly CUPID)
  • Collect all preparation rewards. You will get 12 summon tickets for rerolling.
  • Go to the summon option and choose any banner according to your choice and start the spending 10 summon ticket.
  • If you will get good gacha, you can continue with the game. Otherwise, quit the game and login with another social media or email id.
  • Do these all steps repeatedly until you will not get good SSR Gacha in the game.

So these just step. It is very simple to perform. However, which character or gacha is best in the game? Check out must aim characters during reroll. You must try for the below characters in order to the powerful late journey.

Try to aim these characters during your reroll!


Dracula is one best SSR Tank DPS supporter in the game. Also, his most attack converts 10% deals damage into HP. Also, he helping to increase your team defense before the actual battle start. Also, he has self-healing skills as well.


It is very important that you have at least one Magical dealer in your game. Merlin can fulfill your wish. Because merlin is one amazing SSR Mage DPS. When you compare her skills with other SSR DPS, you clearly see that her Magic damage high. So this is the only character that can help you to weak your enemies. She has AoE attack skills, Debuff, and Magical attack skills.

Also, AoE gacha is more useful in the late game. So if you are thinking about good late journey in the Goddess of Genesis S, make sure you have Merlin in your bag.


She is one SSR DPS and can perform amazing single target attacks in the game. Her Basic and talent attack is very useful to you at beginning of the battle. She has the skill to remove the enemy’s shield and deal massive damage.

goddess of genesis s reroll guide

If you kill an enemy by using her Ultimate skill, you will get one another chance to perform an attack. This is one amazing skill of Lucifer. So make sure when Enemy Hp is very low, you going to perform Ultimate skill in order to get another chance of attack.


It is very important that you have one healer on your team. Isabella is one best healer in the game. This is only one SSR Healer in the Goddess of Genesis S game. So you can aim Isabella from rerolling. If you will get Isabella from summing, it will be very good for you. She can give a very good performance if you have Valkyrie in your team. So make sure, you add Valkyrie and carry with Isabella. Both help you to make powerful combos again enemy.

However, Isabella is healer gacha, it is recommended to read all skill details before add isabella to your team. It helps you learn more about Isabella.


Lilith is one SSR DPS in this game. This is one best Tanky DPS from myside. Because she has the highest physical damage.

So this list of top tier characters that you should aim for during the rerolling time. However, there are many gacha in the game. But these are best from my side.

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