GODDESS KiSS: O.V.E – How to rerolling?

GODDESS KiSS : O.V.E is a brand new Gacha game from developer FLERO Games. If you want to good tier gacha in the GODDESS KiSS game, then you must need to follow rerolling when you did not get any good tier gacha on the first try. So check out GODDESS KiSS: O.V.E reroll guide.

In the GODDESS KiSS: O.V.E game, the rerolling process may take around 7 to 10 minutes. It is quite a long process in this game. But it is very simple. If you want to more four-star gacha in this game, then it is recommended to perform 3 to 4 time reroll until your goal. But if you are just enjoying the game then start the game and sign in with either an FB account or Google play account. Below GODDESS KiSS: O.V.E step by step reroll guide.

GODDESS KiSS: O.V.E Reroll guide

Follow the below-given steps to perform best rerolling in the GODDESS KiSS: O.V.E game.

  • Install the game and download 238 MB of data files and login as a guest account.
  • Go to Adventure and do the first V -Ark C1 tutorial. To make the process faster, Skip intro.
  • Go to recruit and recruit your first gacha. It is by default. Also, equip this new gacha in your team and upgrade it.
  • Again go to Adventure and clear V Ark C1 Tutorial 2 with assign all new gacha in your team.
  • Choose your Unique nickname for the game and get 300 gems from Open Log In the event.
  • Go to the mailbox and collect rewards. You will get Amica – 4 Star gacha free and 4000 gems as well.
  • Go to the recruit option and choose a selective recruit banner. It will give you one four-star gacha with guaranteed.
  • Choose any one banner. Either open scout or scout. And spend 3000 gems for 10x pull.
  • If you get any good four-star heroes, go with the game and otherwise go to setting>account>go to title and start the game with a new fresh account.
  • Follow the above step until you will not get your four-star gacha.

GODDESS KiSS: O.V.E Banner Guide

Selective Banner Guide

When you are at the recruit option, you have three different banner options. Each banner will give you gacha with a different drop ratio. But I suggest you to first go with selective gacha banner that is third in a row. When you click on this banner, you will get 10 random gacha. If you satisfied with the result, you have to need to Confirm this pull by a tap on Confirm and spend 1000 gold to confirm your result.



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