Genshin Impact Team Build Guide: How to build strong team?

Having a good strong team in the Genshin Impact is one major thing. But which heroes are best to build your strong team, which tier heroes are best, and how to decide which heroes are best to make a strong team? So you will get answers to these questions from this Genshin Impact Team Build Guide.

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After playing Genshin Impact, I realized one thing about the game that each hero is very important to build a strong team. Because each hero comes with different skills, elements, and power abilities. So you never ignore any hero while you are looking for the best strong team in the Genshin Impact. It is not recommended that every five-star hero is best in the game. My experience says that sometimes, four-tier heroes are giving better performance then five-star heroes. So it totally depends on the hero’s skill, use of elements, and quests that you are going to do.

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So this is the reason for the hero’s skill and ability are playing an important role instead of hero tier. Another notable thing about Genshin’s Impact is that weapons are also playing a major role. Because if your hero has good tier weapons, your overall CP(Combat Power) automatically increases. So never forget thinking about weapons while you are looking for the best team in the game. So check out all about Genshin Impact Team Build Guide. This guide helping you to make the best team setup in the game.

Genshin Impact Team Build Guide

Focus on upgrading any 2 characters at stating

When you start the game and after reached AR7 to 8, you will have a lot of resources. You could use these resources in the character upgrading. But most of the players are divide these resources into different parts and give separate parts to each character. This is the biggest mistake made by every newbie of the Genshin Impact game.

So on “how many characters you need to focus on upgrading?” The ideal answer to this question is a maximum of 2.

At starting, you may get a chance to upgrade your characters with the same material. For example, you have a lot of resources. By using this resource, you may upgrade one character up to 20 levels by spending all in one. Also, another side, you may use all these recourses in different four and level up each one up to 5. But I think it is a bad deal. A good deal is a level up anyone good powerful hero at 20. Also, as you reached level 70, you will need a lot of resources. And to get specific resources, you will need to kill a specific boss in order to get one specific resource to upgrade your hero.

Keep in mind that you can use five-star weapons to make any lower hero stronger. By equipping a five-star weapon to lower level hero, you can increase the overall CP of that hero as well.

The element of characters is more important than the tier!

In this guide, we focused on team building setup rather than their list. So when you are looking for a good party in the Genshin Impact. characters elements are more important. Because in the Genshin Impact, each hero or character has its own element power. So I never suggest you add all heroes with the same element. Try to add one hero from each element. 

Genshin impac party setup

I suggest this because when you are fighting with the enemy, it is best to try the opposite element to knock down your enemies. Because when you are trying with opposite energy, there are more chances of the blast in the game. So using the opposite energy, you could do more damage.

For Example: If you have a lighting hero then it is best to pair with an ice hero. Because as you know that ice is a good conductor of light. So at staring this pair help a lot in the farming. So try to add opposite pairs in your party of heroes.

Also, you can make some weird combo as well. For example combo of water against ice. If you have an ice element character and your enemy has water elements. So when you are fighting against an enemy, when your enemy starts wetting, you can use the freeze effect to freeze your enemy. So both are water elements but ice is very strong water. So you can make this type of another combo as well. Just use your own mind and try to make a difference and put in a real battle. So put heroes that help you fight against your opposite element of the boss.

So I recommend understanding the element of characters then focus on character skills and power. Elements are playing a major role in the team setup instead of character tier.

Always add at least one healer hero in your party!

Before starting the quest mission, you can heal your heroes by using foods and make them fully loaded. But once, quest mission start, you can’t use any food. Because the inventory option locked by the game system. So how to heal your hero during the quest time?

So It is recommended that add at least one healer character in your party that can help to heal your other characters as well. Put any audible or enhancer hero at fourth. 

So this guide on how to make a strong party in the Genshin Impact game. If you have any queries regarding hero selection, you asked via comment box.

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