Genshin impact: Best way to perform reroll!

Looking for the best way to perform rerolling in the Genshin impact global? Check out step by step Genshin impact reroll guide to getting the best characters in the game.

Pay attention before starting the reroll in the Genshin impact

Yes, Reroll is very helpful to get the best five-star characters at the starting of the game. Because we performed it and we wanted it. That’s the reason we started the game with a new id or by deleting data and cache.

But in most cases, the rerolling process is very easy and quick. It maybe takes around 5 to 7 minutes in one reroll. This time is the highest time. But in the Genshin impact game, rerolling is not easy that you thinking.

In the Genshin impact, the reroll is take around 20 to 22 minutes. So it is a huge time period for rerolling that I ever have seen before in any game in my whole life. Also, I performed reroll twice with my two ids, But I never got according to my wishlist. So I can say that my whole 45 minutes gone wasted!!

So I am not disappointed with you. I want to give attention to you that how to reroll is very hard in the Genshin impact. So If you have a lot of time, then I recommend you to perform a second reroll. Otherwise, if you can move on to the main content, I never advise you to perform rerolling!

But still, if you are thinking about rerolling. So I recommend using either multiple email method or username method to second or any reroll. Because the game has not any oob file. So if you go setting and delete the app data cache, then you will need to download 5.8 GB data again. So this will also take a lot of time.

Don’t have more email for login? Don’t worry – below is the solution

So I am giving one tip for the second reroll. Use multiple username sign options for rerolling. To get your new username, you have to need to create new account. But there are two ways to get a new fresh account. First is using email and the second is by just choosing your username and password. So strongly recommend this way when you are looking for multiple time reroll and lack of email ids. 

Just go to mihoyo account site and choose Register by Username method. Enter your unique username and password. Once you did it, you could use these in your new game. Once you get your favorite character, you can link your main email with this id.

Genshin impact reroll guide

Genshin impact step by step rerolling guide

Below are steps that you have to need to follow to rerolling.

  • Download & install the game and start downloading 5.8 GB Resources files from the server.
  • Choose your region server and choose your sign in option. ( recommended option is the username & password sign in)
  • Once, you start the playing, you will get x10 to acquaint fate.
  • Also, at AR 7, you will get x1600 intertwined fate and x10 to acquaint fate when you reached the AR10 level. (AR – Adevnutre level)
  • There are many banners but the most ideal banner is the “Beginner’s wish banner”. It provides a double rate for characters.
  • If you get your five stars, then you can continue with the game. otherwise, go to step 2 and start the game again.

Bonus Guide on banner selection!

In this bonus guide, I giving a few tips and tricks on rerolling and banner’s guide.

Keep in mind that beginner’s wish banner has only 20 pulls reroll and the standard banner has infinite pull. So we are doing rerolling because we want to five-star character from the beginner’s banner. It is providing a more drop rate of five-star character compare to another banner. Also, it has only limited pull. This is the reason that we are trying to pulling with a fresh new account and trying our luck.

So if you start the game with a five-star character, then  I strongly recommend you to choose the beginner’s wish banner. Because it is giving double rate.

Beginner’s banner is giving guaranteed to NOELLE – four-star character on the first pull.

Drop Probability of available banner

Each banner giving the different probability of getting different star characters and weapons in the Genshin impact. So it is very important to have good stuff information about each banner. Because selection banner is one of the most important things in the rerolling process. Below short guide on each banner with a ratio of probability.

Beginner’s wish banner

You can choose only 20 wishes on this banner. Once, all wishes are done, this will disappear from the banner list. Most of the players suggest that spending your gacha token in this banner. Because currently, only this banner proving a high probability rate of five-star character.

  • 5 Star probability: 0.6000%
  • 4 Star probability: 5.100%

So this is the banner to get five stars characters.You can check the ratio of probably by click on each banner.

Best characters that you must wish from reroll

If you are performing the rerolling then your main aim on any five-star character. So below a list of all five-star characters.

  • Diluc – Pyro / Fire
  • Aether -Adaptive / Changeable
  • Jean – Anemo / Wind
  • Keqing – Electro / Lightning
  • Klee – Pyro / Fire

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So these are five characters with five stars. If you just doing reroll, I suggest you aim at anyone from this in your banner.

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