Genshin Impact Primogems Farming: Best ways get more Primo Gems? (PrimoGems Guide)

Are looking for more farming of Primo Gems? Are you Confused about how to get more Primo Gems in the Genshin Impact? Check out these best ways to get more PrimoGems in the Genshin Impact game.

Genshin Impact: How to get more Primo Gems?

Use Promo Codes to get free Primo Gems

This one simple way to get free primo gems without doing nothing. However, many times gift codes are released for a limited time. So you must alert regarding the upcoming and newly released gift code of Genshin Impact.

Currently, on a global version of Genshin Impact, you have three gift codes. You can check out here the Genshin Impact gift code article. This helps you to find out the gift codes of Genshin Impact. We constantly update these gift codes. So it is suggested you bookmark the gift code page to directly reach out to our page.

Currently available working gift codes for Genshin Impact. Use these codes to get free 60 primo and 10K Mora in your account.

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By open Shield chest

Many times, you have noticed that you are near the chest but it is surrounding with a red ring shield. To breakdown that ring, you have to need to kill the nearest enemy that protests this chest. So by killing the nearest enemy, the red ring shield automatically didapper and you will able to open the chest. So by opening this type of chest, you will get free primo gems. However, how many you will get, this depends on luck. Mostly 2 to 10. So this is another way to get free primo gems in the Genshin Impact game.

Genshin Impact Primogems Farming

Genshin Impact Primogems Farming

By following sky blue spirit and breakdown balloons plants

You can following the sky blue spirit to reach amazing treasuring. By just following the spirit’ way, it helps you to reach out at treasure. From the treasure, you can easily get free primo gems.

Genshin Impact Primogems Farming

SkyBlue Spirit

Also, you can try to find more balloon plats. When you touch the balloon plant, it will blast and start flying in the sky. You just need to shoot the ballon that is flying in the sky. By shooting them, you will get the chest on soil and by opening the chest, you will get free primo gems as well. So this is one amazing way to get free primo gems in the Genshin Impact.

baloons plant

balloons plant

By accept challenges & complete it

In this game, you can take challenges by talking to Dandy. Yes, you can take challenges and once you did it, you will get amazing rewards and XP as well. So by accept more and more challenges and do it. Because this will give you XP as well. This XP helps you to increase your AR as well.

In this game, you can take challenges by talking to Dandy. 

Find Trial and do it!

The trials are nonstop sources of more primo gems and other rewards in the Genshin Impact game. Below the image of the trial. You will get many trial locations overworld map. Just zoom your map and try to find an unfinished trial. Tap it and go there. Start the trial quest and claim your primo gems with other rewards as well.

trial in the genshin impact

the trial in the genshin impact


So these are the best ways to get free primo gems in the Genshin Impact. If you are getting the best way to get more primo gems, you can share this with your friends. Share these primogems ways with your friends.

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