Genshin Impact F2P Guide: Tips on how to progress with F2P?

Are you a F2P player in the Genshin Impact game? Check out genshin impact f2p guide with few tips on how F2P players can game easily and get all the most benefits that can be used by every P2P player.

Generally, I never invest my money in mobile games. Because I am a big F2P player. When any game released, I start searching on which item is free in this game and what is time period of that item. Similarly, I started playing Genshin Impact and get much information about F2P players. So check out my F2P guide on Genshin Impact. In this guide, I giving few tips that help you to survive in the Genshin Impact, if you one F2P player.

Genshin Impact F2P Guide & Tips

Always search for promo codes or gift codes

I am one F2P player and it is only one way to get the premium item without any spending money, which is GIFT CODES or Promo Codes. Promo codes are the best way to get premium items freely in any game. But it is depends on developers that either they want to release promo codes or not.

But when I talking about Genshin Impact, Developers already released three gift codes for Genshin Impact. You can check our article on Genshin Impact Gift codes. Also, below given free all these codes. You can use this code to get free rewards.

Gift codes for Genshin Impact

  • NA Region: GENSHIN0928N
  • EU Region: GENSHIN0928E
  • ASIA Region: GENSHIN0928A
genshin impact gift codes

genshin impact gift codes with redemption page

Claim your AR(Adventure Rank) Rewards

When you level up or increase your AR Rank, each time, you will get rewards. So if you are just free to play, I recommend you to collect four-star weapons after reached level 10 or AR 10.

Genshin Impact F2P Guide

So it is a good thing to collect all rewards when reached at the new AR level in the Genshin Impact game.

Banner Guide for F2P Players

In the Genshin Impact game, you will get free 10 acquaint fate. You can use on free 10 banner pull. If you had pre-registration, you will also another free 10 acquaint fate after reached AR 10. In the Genshin Impact, characters are important but on the opposite side, weapons are also very important. So you never give up for weapons. So which banner is best and how to spend gacha token to make your summoning perfect.

So this Genshin Impact F2P Guide. If you have any other tips for all F2P players of Genshin Impact game, share it with us via comment box.

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