Frostborn Coop Survival Classes: Which is best Class?

Classes are most important in every game. In the frostborn coop Survival, you have three options at starting to choose your favorite class. Keep in mind that class is deciding your main role in the game. So when you selecting a class, make sure you have stuff information about the class that you going to select.

So in this article, you will get frostborn coop survival guide with all major information about each class. At last of the article, you will have enough information and that helps you to select your favorite class according to your playing style in the frostborn coop survival game.

Frostborn Coop Survival Classes Guide

There are three classes avaivle in the Frostborn Coop Survival. You can choose anyone to play the game. Most players suggest that choose class according to your playing style. But which class is suitable for your playing style? Below brief guide on each class of Frostborn Coop Survival game.

Important note before select any class

In the Frostborn Coop Survival, each class comes with its own subclass. However, this subclass has its own characteristics. You can use these characteristics of the subclass in different situations. i.e- If you have selected bowman class then bowman has it’s own three subclasses. Namely – Pathfinder, Sharpshooter, and Hunter. So if you are want to enter PvP, it is recommended that choose Hunter class before entering the battle. Because hunter can give the best performance in the PvP type gameplay. So it depends on the situation. You can follow the given table to understand the stats of each different subclass of class.

Table of Contents

Warrior Class Guide

If you are looking for a class that is very powerful in Combat and has an amazing amount of DPS(Damage per Second) then warrior class is the best option for you in the Frostborn Coop Survival game. The warrior is a master or melee class who uses sword axes to do damage in the game. This class is made for PvP fights and you can kill most of the enemy with class very easily.

Frostborn Coop Survival Classes

The table shows each subclass of a warrior class with the role of each subclass. You can much good information below the table. Kindly check each role of the subclass.

Role of Warrior Subclass
Subclass Name Role
Berserk Best Melee and DPS subclass
Protector Best Tank(High HP) with some amazing skill(Free, AoE)
Trasher Best in PvP
Illusionist Best in PvP
Ice & Mage Subclass Both are helpful in Control and Stunning(DPS)

Bowman Class Guide

If you looking for archer type class who can deal with very good damage standing with long-distance then bowman class is best for you. The bowman class is specially made for long-range flights. This class uses the bow as a primary weapon and using this bow, you can shoot an arrow at the enemy. So without goes near the enemy, you can do amazing damage. However, This class proving low HP compare to the warrior class. But the major benefit of the class is the long-range fight.

bowman class

While talking about PvP gameplay, this class can give a performance. But you have to need to create your strategy and learn much skill in this class. Once, you will master this class, you can perform very well. Similarly to the warrior class, Bowman also proving subclass. The below table shows all subclasses of Bowman and its role.

Role of Bowman Subclass
Subclass Name Role
Hunter Very good in PvP and crafting
Pathfinderder Good enough in Ranged & DPS
Sharpshooter Medium good in PvP and 

Curer Class Guide

If you are looking for a class that uses an axe and with some Tanky feature then Curer is one good choice for you. This class used Axe as primary weapons and come with a very good amount of HP in the game. If you are want to lead your team in the PvP then this is the perfect class for you. Because this is an all-rounder class in the Frostborn Coop Survival. It is totally depends on you how you want to utilize this class skill and features in the game. You can use this class as crafting, Good in PvP and PvE gameplay.

Frostborn Coop Survival Classes

Below the list of all subclasses of the Curer class with the role of each subclass. Check out the full table.

Role of Curer Subclass
Subclass Name Role
Sorcerer  Best in Support
Assassin, Shaman & Bandit Best in PvP Gameplay
Healer Use as Healer
Rogue Best in DPS


So this is brief Frostborn Coop Survival Classes guide with all subclass. If you have any doubt regarding class or subclass, you can ask via the comment box.

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