Forsaken World Redeem Codes List

Forsaken World already out globally. With the release of Global Forsaken World: GODS & DEMONS, developers also released some gift codes for this game. Check out all working redeem codes for Forsaken World to get amazing rewards in your bag.

Below the list of All Working gift codes list for Forsaken World: GODS & DEMONS game. Just tap on the Copy button to copied code on your keyboard and direct paste in-game.

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons Gift Codes

Below the list of all working gift codes for Forsaken World: Gods and Demons.

Code 1:FSW888 – Use this code to get 5 Battle mounts soul,2 Wing Essence I for increasing Wings Exp, 10 grade 1 enhance stone for enhancing gears, 200 bound soul crystals.

Code 2: NU4F5GUR3YQERPD – Use this code to get 10 wing essence 1, 10 battle mount soul, 10 grade 1 enhance stone, and 200 bound soul crystal.

Code 3: FW6666  – Use this code to get 200K gold, 200 bound soul crystal, 5 vigor potions, 5 Generic Boss Refresh Scrol,l and 2 levels 5 Gem Chest.

How to use these codes in Forsaken World?

It is very simple to use above all gift codes in the Forsaken World game. Just tap on the Setting icon and find the “Redeem Pack” option. Click on it and you will get the below pop-up box on your display.

forsaken world gift codes

Tap on the Copy code button and the code automatically copied to your keyboard. Keep in mind that codes are case sensitive. So you just need to enter the given code with a Capital letter. Paste code in the input box. And press on the ok button.

Rewards will be mailed by the system itself. go to the game mailbox and collect all rewards.

forsaken world gift codes

The best way to get more gift codes to like Forsaken World’s official FB page and Join Discord join. Below you will get both links for this.

So these all are working redeem codes for Forsaken World: GODS & DEMONS. If you have any other codes, share via comment box. so other players can use those codes.

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