Final Fate TD guide: Ultimate Tips to making the Best Defense!

Looking for the best defense and SSR heroes guide on the Final Fate TD Game? Check out ultimate tips with an amazing guide on the Final Fate TD game.

Final Fate TD guide: Ultimate Tips to making the Best Defense!

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What type of Final Fate TD Game?

Final Fate TD is one tower defense based game developed by GameSwordThe major gameplay depends on kill the enemy army that constantly comes toward your defense base. Before starting the main battle, you are free to drop your hero at a given position point. You can put any hero at any given point. Once all heroes dropped, you could start the battle. So this is the basic mechanism of Final Fate TD.

The game is pretty simple to play at the beginning. But as you level up, you will be realized the actual difficulty level. You will have need to use your resource very carefully.

Also, need to focus on which hero is best to make the best defense against the boss fight. So in this guide of Final Fate TD, I will discuss on how to get the best SSR and SSSR hero in the game, How you can make the best defense against the enemy, How to utilize all your resources carefully, and many more about the final fate TD game.

Ultimate Final Fate TD guide & tips

After reaching level 20, I have realized that without SSR and SSSR hero, I never beat the boss in the IRON PIT Conquest. So how to get SSR and SSSR hero in final fate TD, check out the first tip.

Purchase SSR and SSSR hero from Shop

It is very true that you can win a beginning level battle using only R Tier hero in the Final Fate TD. But as you grow more in the late game, you will probably realize that without SSR and SSSR hero, you are nothing in the game.

So how to get SSR and SSSR heroes in the Final Fate TD game? This is one common problem from every newbie.

According to me, There are main two options to get a Higher Tier hero. The first one is to depend on your luck and the second is giving a guarantee to get High tier hero. Get check out both ways to get a higher tier hero.

You can use Tavern to get SSR Hero by recruit using a recruiting ticket.  There are two types of recruiting in the tavern. There is an elite and normal recruiting option. Both offer different types of drop rates for heroes. The below table shows the drop rate.

Final Fate TD guide

Elite vs Normal Recruitment Drop rate
Elite Drop Rate Normal Drop Rate
SSSR 0.5% Not give any SSSR
SSR 2% Not give any SSR
SR 10% SR 5%
Void Essence I 47.5% 40%
Void Essence Ii 20% 30
R Hero 20% R 25%


By using the second method, you get SSR and SSSR hero but you have to need to recycle your other R or duplicate hero. Just go to Tavern>Recycle and quick select. You will get a GRANT point. By using these points, you can purchase any of your favorite SSSR or SSR hero from the shop.

Final Fate TD guide

Recommend tip: As you know that game is giving 7 days login rewards. So if you on the first day and unlock this grant point option. Don’t buy ATHENA from the shop. Because the game will give you ATHENA – SSR Hero as a login reward.

Never miss changing your lower-tier hero with tier high hero

As you getting a higher tier hero, make sure that you are replacing it with a lower-tier hero. This thing helps you to increase your CP(Combat Power). Because heroes are deciding your CP.

In the hero section, you find the “CHANGE” option. Click on it and you will get a list of all available heroes that you can change with the current one.

Final Fate TD guide

I strongly recommend you choose a new hero which has higher power than the current one. If you are choosing a hero that has lower power then it is not any matter. This decreases will your CP. 

Once, you replace a higher tier hero, equip gears and enhance all gears.

The next tip is on How to increase your CP in the Final Fate TD game?

You can increase Combat Power by Enhancing, Promoting & awakening heroes!

In the above tip, you get how to increase CP by adding a higher tier hero in your team. Because higher heroes have more HP and attack compare to lower-tier heroes.

But since in it, you just needed to add a new hero in your in the team. However, you can perform gear’s enhancing,  promote, and awaking your hero to make them stronger.

To promote your hero, you must have sufficient material in the game. These materials get from chests, free rewards, and level up in the game.  Every hero needs different types of material. If you have enough material, just to promote>quick select>confirm to promote your hero.

To Awakening your hero, You must have at least require lower hero than you want to awaken. For example: if you want to awaken SSR hero then you must have at least an SR hero, R hero in your bag. Without having heroes, you can’t perform this thing.

Collect free gold from the “EVERGREEN” every day!

This is my favorite feature in the whole Final Fate TD game. You can get free gold every day by just one tap. However, there is not any rule for gold. God that you will get is random. In the Evergreen screen, you will get how many gold production per hour. You can increase the production rate by just level up your profile. As you level up in the game, gold production will be increased.

I recommend you to read the EVERGREEN rule by just tap on “?”. You will get more information from it.

Never miss completing EXP and GOLD Dungeons

Every day, you will get two chances to perform get free more EXP and gold in your account. I think this is the only chance to get free EXP. However, you can get gold from Evergreen every day. But to get more EXP, you can use the Dungeon’s challenges.

Final Fate TD guide

Never miss completing EXP and GOLD Dungeons

So this is the ultimate Final Fate TD guide with my recommend tips for every new player of the game. However, I am still playing the game. As I get any important thing that helps you to make other journeys easier, I will add in this Final Fate TD Guide.

If you have any tips then you can drop your comment. Your tip of Final Fate TD may help to other players.

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