Eroica reroll Guide: Best way to perform reroll!

In the Eroica game, the reroll is one very long process. Because it taking around 20 to 25 minutes per one reroll. So check out the step-by-step guide on How to perform reroll in the Eroica game.

Keep in mind that in the Eroica game, you need to spend around 20 to 25 minutes per one reroll. So this is one very long process when you compare it with other game’s rerolling process.

But in this game, you can retry your pull up to 30 times. So this is one amazing option that may help you to avoid your second reroll by using other accounts as well.

Below ultimate guide on how to perform rerolling in the Eroica game. Check out the step-by-step guide.

When you are at reroll stage, you have a choice for selective summon in the Eroica game. The below image showing your state of selective summon.

Eroica Tier List

Eroica reroll: Best way to perform reroll!

Follow the below step to perform rerolling in the Eroica.

  • Install the Eroica game and start with either a Google Play game account or Facebook account.
  • Once, choose your login method, skip begging to introduce the cut scene.
  • Start to clear the stage and clear up to stage 4 as well.
  • After clear stage 4, you will get a free to summon and use it.
  • After go to selective summon and you can pull up to 30 times until you will get not any good SSR or SR gacha.
  • If you will get a good tier gacha, you can continue with the game. Otherwise, log out from your current account and try with other accounts and do the same things.

When we talking reroll process in any Gacha game, it is one headache process for every player. But sometimes, in other games, developers offering simple fast reroll features and on the other side, in some games, reroll may one long time-wasting process as well.

But in the Eroica game, you can do up to 30 pull at the same time, but to reach this stage, you have to need to spend 20 to 23 minutes in the game.

Just start with the game and choose any social login for the game. Either choose Google play game or FB signing. Once, you entering in the game, you will get the introduction of the game and just fast progress, it is better to skip the beginning introduction cut scene.

Start playing the game and start to clear the game. You need to clear up to 4 stages in order to unlock your first free summon. Once, you cleared, you can perform your first free summon.

Eroica reroll

After performing your first summon, you can select selective summon and pull 30 different times to get your 10 randoms gacha.  So try your luck 30 times and still, you will not get any good gacha, you can use another account to do a second reroll in the Eroica game.

Eroica reroll guide

So, this is all about how to perform reroll in the Eroica.

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