Date A Live Spirit Pledge: How to perform reroll? ( Step by Step guide to get best gacha)

Looking for reroll in the Date A Live Spirit Pledge? Check out the best guide on how to Date A Live Spirit Pledge reroll.

Why reroll in the Date A Live Spirit Pledge?

By performing well reroll, you will get best gacha at starting of the game. This make your future late-game journey easier. So if any gacha game support rerolls then must do reroll.

While doing reroll, it is the best thing that aiming SSR gacha or hero.

How to perform rerolling in the Date A Live Spirit Pledge?

If you looking for rerolling multi-time then use multiple Gmail or Facebook accounts. Because at starting the game, game need to social signing. So having a multiple account is the best option to do multiple times reroll.

Follow the below-given step to perform best reroll in the Date A Live Spirit Pledge.

  • Download the game and launch the game. Use any social media to sign in.
  • Once, sign in done, You have need to learn tutorial and clear stage 1-1. Now, use the skip button to skip the next tutorial.
  • You have to need to summon features to start summoning. So clear stage 1-3 as well.
  • If you have done pre-registration on the play store, then go to the gift button and collect all pre-registration free rewards as well. You will get 10+ fate badge as well. You could use these in summon to get gacha.
  • Now, Choose any beginner rookie banner to get the best gacha. If you do not get any good gacha then switch the account and login with another Gmail or FB account.

So this is just a reroll guide for Date A Live Spirit Pledge.

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