Best 5 Games Like BITLIFE ( Alternative of Bitlife game)

Are you looking for games that is more likely Bitlife? Check out our five recommend games that are very similar to Bitlife. You can choose one from these five as an alternative of Bitlife.

Bitlife is one Simulation based game developed by Candywriter, LLC. In this game, you have to need to start your full journey as a baby. And once, you start your journey, you have need to do different tasks according to your age. Tasks like Weddings, Education, and many more. So this is a very interesting game.

But there are so many players who still looking for an alternative to Bitlife. Because they need to play in new UI( UserInterface) and new tasks. So I made one list. In this list of games, you will get 5 recommend games that are very very similar to Bitlife. So check out Best 5 Games Like BITLIFE ( Alternative of Bitlife game).

Best 5 Games Like BITLIFE

AltLife – Life Simulator

You will get many similar tasks in Altlife. This is also one life simulator based game developed by  QmzApps. In this game, you will get different story modes as well. Also, tasks such as Jobs, Career, Relationship, Assets, and many more.

I played this game and I strongly recommend this game as one strong alternative of Bitlife. If you are looking for a game like Bitlife, then I first recommend you to chose this game.

Download Altlife for Android

Another Life – Life Simulator

This game is currently under development. I have played the beta version of Another life. I got so many similarities of Bitlife in the Anotherlife. Also, you will get a similar UI as Bitlife. But still, you will get new tasks and activities that not available in the Bitlife. So I recommend you Anotherlife as an alternative of Bitlife.This game is developing by Another Byte.

Download Another Life for android

Life is a Game

Based on “Life is marathon” motto, life is a game is one Simulation-based game and you can say that this is a little bit similar to Bitlife game. The game is developed by DAERISOFT.

Games Like BITLIFE

But you will get a little bit graphic inside this game. So if you are looking for just good graphics with bitlife game, then this is maybe a recommend the game for you. Also, you will get story based gameplay inside this game.

Download Life is game for Android

Simulife – Life Simulator

With the similar UI as Bitlife, Simulife is one new Life Simulator based game like Bitlife. This game is developed Tech Consolidated INC.

Games Like BITLIFE

In this game, you will get more career options that may not find in the Bilife.

Download Simulife for Android

LifeSim 2: Career, Business & Life

With amazing outstanding graphics and more features, Lifesim2 is one perfect life simulation-based game. You will get more features and option which you will not get in above four game. So this is my recommend game.

Games Like BITLIFE

In this game, you will get all features such as weddings, education, party and many more. But it is only different that you will get also good graphics and a good storyline in this game.

So this is just Best 5 Games Like BITLIFE ( Alternative of Bitlife game). If you playing a mobile game, I recommend you to subscribe to our Youtube Channel and like Facebook Page.

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