Action Taimanin Reroll Guide: Step by Step Rerolling to get best Heroes!

Action Taimanin is one brand new Action Gacha game from GREMORY GAMES INC. The best way to get the best SSR in the Action Taimanin is to choose multiple to reroll until not get any SSR gacha. So check out how to Perform Rerolling in the Action Taimanin game.

Action Taimanin: Step by Step reroll guide

Follow the Below step to perform Reroll in the Action Taimanin game.

  • Download & install the game and start the game as a guest account.
  • Start the game and choose any initial character at starting( You will have three different characters namely Mizuki, Igawa Asagi, and Igava Sakura)
  • Play the Beginning tutorial and c0mplete the first 4 quest mission.
  • Claim your first free gacha from gacha menu
  • Click on the Gift box icon and collect free rewards including R Gacha tickets X10.
  • Again go to the gacha menu and choose any banner and start spending gacha ticket.
  • If you are happy with your gacha that you have got from gacha menu, you can continue with the gameplay
  • Otherwise, Reinstall the game and perform these all steps repeatedly until your satisfaction.

After installing the game, When you start the game, you will have three different character options. You can choose any girl character at the beginning. After choosing your favorite character, skip the beginning intro and cutscene of the game. And start the play game. At starting, you need to learn how to game control work. So the first tutorial is about control of the game and skill of characters. Complete section 1-4.

During the tutorial, you will get one free gacha ticket. To get free rewards including R 10 Gacha ticket, you just need to claim free gacha. Once, you claimed it, collect all gacha token from the gift section and go to gacha.

There are two banners for summoning gacha. The first banner is Pick Up Gacha and second is Premium gacha. Both banners is giving the same Gacha summon Droprate. It is 3%. But the main differnt is only that Pick up gacha is also giving 0.4% drop rate on three UR weapons( Yomotsu -Ikusa, YamataNO Orochi and Yatagarasu.).

Action Taimanin gacha banner

So this is reroll guide on Action Taimanin. Below Uselink for Action Taimanin game.

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