Abyssrium World Tap Tap Fish Full Guide: Best tips for clear chapters more faster!

Hello players! After the launch of Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish globally, I am very happy by playing such a very wonderful game. The Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish is one ocean-based friction world game in which you are starting with a tutorial. In the tutorial of the game, you will learn basic stuff of games such as how to produce fish, how to corallite work, and many basic things that must need to understand for all newbie players of Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish.

Best tips for clear chapters more faster!

I have clear chapters 1,2,3 and 4. By playing 2 days of Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish, I learn many things regarding to Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish game. Also, I make a few mistakes that may be a new player can do. So check out this Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish guide that helps you to start the game faster and help clear chapter very easily.

Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish

Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish Full Guide with useful tips

Always check out chapter missions while waiting for other mission clear

This is my personal tip on Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish. When you are doing any mission for any chapter, I recommend you to check out upcoming missions regularly. When I playing the game, I had one mission that was to produce fish five-time. But as you know that fish producing is depend on the type of fish. So my production time was 3 minutes. And my upcoming mission was to upgrade the colony up to level 10.

So I upgrade my colony at level 10. So I had clear one mission already. So when the current mission will be done, I will not need to do the colony mission. So this is a simple trick that I apply in any case.

I suggest you use your simple mind and try to complete a mission that you can do easily while the current mission ongoing. This trick makes your chapter clearing more faster.

Use the “GO NOW” Feature to get a direct hint of the current mission

This is one obvious thing that when you starting any new game, You are not well familiar with new game features and item names, and shortcut redirection. But if developers have a good idea of developing more player’s friendly games, then they always giving “HINT” while you under trouble.

Similar in the Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish, Many times you will not get certain ides of what is current mission is all about? At this time, I recommend you to

Never miss to complete your daily quest

Everyday 00:00 IST, Your daily new daily mission will become on your desk. If you have missed the previous day mission then you can’t do its again, once the new day has been started.

Also, Daily missions are an amazing way to get free rewards by doing a given mission in the whole 24 Hours of day. So I recommend you to check out your daily mission when you start the game on new fresh day. However, I never recommend you to to do daily missions, compromise your gameplay. This means that I not recommend you to spend gems to daily mission.

By producing more fishes, you can make more AO!

AOs are very useful material in this game. Fish are the main source of getting more AO. So by making more Fish, you will get more AO. So in the early game, this is best time to making more fish and get more and more AO.

Also, you can collect more AO. In the future after clearing chapter 2 mostly, You could use this AO to do your chapter more faster.

So I suggest a new player in this game that producing more AO and serve its. You will need a lot of AO in chapters 3 and 4.

Try to put all fish on exploration area at the same time

When you are going on the event to exploring more areas, I suggest you put all fishes on exploring. However, there is few limit to put fish on exploring. The limit is that every you have at least level 3 fish. Only level 3 or higher level fish can explore the area.

Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish

But My suggestion is to put fish as you can on exploring. This will save your time. Because you will be able to collect all rewards at the same time by doing this thing. As you can see in the above image.

Don’t waste AO to producing Coral Fragment or seaweed fragment

This tip depends on the situation. To understand this tip, let check out one example to briefly understand.

Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish


Coral Fragments are produced by using AO at coral factories. This is used to upgrade coralities and summon fish. So it is obvious that CF is made by coral factories from AO.

Now AO is making by fish that you produced. This is the only way that you can do to make it. Many times, you need to AO to upgrade Corallite. So you need to save your AO. But many player are start to produce CF because they see that Coral Factory is free. So they spend some AO to produce CF.

But you have need to upgrade your Corraliite to complete your current chapter. They never realized that game mechanism. So never make this stupid mistake. Just use your mind and aks your self how to clear mission easily. Just not thinking about producing more AO and CF.

Similarly, this tip is applied for seaweed fragment as well.

“Focus on what resources are needed to complete the current chapter mission. This is my legendary tip on Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish.”

You will get a chance to rub a coral tree every 3 hour

To get free 300 CF(Coral Fragment), just go to coral tree and start rubbing it. You will get a free 300 coral fragment. After get one time, time will reset and you will get another chance of rub it after 3 hours.

Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish

So when you come to the game, First go to the coral tree and rub it. Similarly, I suggest you to collect all AO, CF, and event items when you come in the game.

So this is Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish Full Guide. Hope you learn many things about the game. Still, you have any doubt regarding to clearing mission or chapter, Drop your comment on below comment box. I will try to give my best advice or tip to clear any of your doubts or problem regarding Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish game.

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