A3 Still Alive Classes Guide: Best Class for PvP & PvE!

Are you Looking for the best class for A3 Still Alive for PvP and PvE? Check out brief information about each A3 Still Alive Class with an amazing guide. This guide helps you to pick the best class at the starting of the game.

Classes playing one very important role in any MMORPG game. Because different types of classes are providing different skills and power. you can utilize these skills and power in farming, PvP, and against the boss fight. Class selection becomes very important when you are a F2P player. So it matters a lot. However, the class also defines your role in the game. Some classes are made for the lead role in PvP, some class working as heal and you can be a healer by those classes.

So there is a variety of classes in the MMORPG. Similar to the A3 Still Alive, you have a total option to choose your class for gameplay. But which is the best class and which class suitable for PvP or PvE? Check out below the full A3 Still Alive Classes Guide that helps you to decide your next class in the A3 Still Alive game.

A3 Still Alive Classes Guide

Below is a guide on each class of A3 Still Alive. Also, below each class guide, a table showing stats of a particular class. Below important note on the stats key of the class.

  • Strongest – 1
  • Strong – 2
  • Weak – 3
  • Very Weak – 4

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Berserker Class Guide

If you are looking for a combination of Tank and DPS class then Berserker is one best class for you. Keep in mind that berserker is a class that is not fully either Tank or full DPS class. But this class comes with some skills of the tank and DPS class. So this is one Tanky-DPS class in the A3 Still Alive game.

However, berserker has a decent amount of DPS and HP. He has used Axe as his main weapons and do some amazing damage. He is one physical type close-range attacker in the A3 Still Alive game. From a PvP perspective, you can use this class as a supporter and help other players by supporting them on the battlefield.

Also, you know very well that A3 Still Alive is a global version. The game was already available in the Korean version. So many Korean players not recommend Berserker class. They saying that this the worst class in the game. However, this is a review of the Korean version by a Korean player. It totally depends on you what you want to choose and play. So this is a little review from a Korean player on Berserker class.

Below stats for the Berserker class. By using the below table stats, you will get any information regarding the berserker class.

Berserker Class Stats
HP 2

Archer Class Guide

Archer is another best class in A3 still alive game. If you looking for a class that can do attack from long range and does massive damage on your enemy, then archer is one best choice for you. I personally used archer as my class in each MMO. So archer is very powerful.

As you see accuracy and attack power of the archer is very high. But, HP is very low. However, most archer skills can do damage from a long-range. So don’t worry regarding HP. She used the bow as the main weapon and throw arrow on the enemy to give damage them.

Archer Class Stats
HP 4

Wizard Class Guide

If you are doing Magical damage(mage damage) then Wizard is one perfect class for you. Wizard knows for her attacker power in this game. Wizard has the highest DPS in the game and he can do anything against your enemy. However, he comes with very low HP and very low defense as well. So you just need to support from another different player that is in a different class. You never team up with a wizard class player, if you have a wizard class. Because the wizard is a supporter class. You never lead your team in PvP by using this class.

The wizards class come with a lot of spell skill. Also, spell casting time very high. So make sure, you used all these spell skills in different situations.

So make sure, you team up with good players and make sure at least one supporter class in your team when going into the PvP battle.

Wizard Class Stats
HP 4

Assassin Class Guide

If you are looking for a class that has a very high speed of attacks and amazing dungeons attacks then Assassin is one best choice for you. However, you can’t use the assassin class in the lead role. You must need to support the class. He has amazing speed skills that make his attack faster. So you can encounter your enemies faster than other classes.

Assassin Class Stats
HP 3

Templar Class Guide

If you are looking for one powerful Tank with full DPS, then Templar is one best class in the game. Also, this is one best class in the game and most of the global players choose this class as the main class. The Templar class has used a hammer as a primary weapon and his shield help him to make protection from incoming attacks from enemies as well. So this makes him very strongest class in the game.

Also, he is one tanky with DPS class, you can use this class in PvP and PvE gameplay. You can lead your team by this class. Because this only class can survive a very long time in the game. Because of his high Hp and attack power.

Most of the F2P players prefer to choose this class. So if you are one F2P player and never want to spend your money in the game, I strongly recommend this class as your main class in the game. Below table show stats for templar class in the A3 Still Alive game.

Templar Class Stats
HP 1

Final Conclusion

So after covering all classes of A3 Still Alive, below is the conclusion from the discussion.

  • Best in Overall – Templar( Recommend class for F2P players)
  • Best in long-range: Archer class ( Bow weapon is very good in long-range attacks)
  • Best class for mage: Wizards( Magical spells)
  • Best DPS Class: Templar and Berserker
  • Best in Dodge attack: Assassin class

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So this is a full A3 Still Alive Classes Guide. If you have any doubts regarding classes, you can share your doubt via the comment box.

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