A3 Still Alive Beginner Guide: Best Tips & Tricks for everyone!

Looking for a beginner guide for A3 Still Alive game? Check out the best A3 Still Alive guide with some very useful tips and tricks to make your journey faster, Increase CP, and many more regarding the game.

Before you direct going on guide, A3 Still Alive is one MMORPG battle royale game. Yes, this is a mixer of MMORPG and battle royale. So you can play live battle against 29 live PvP players in the. In each battle, 30 players can participate at a time. So you have to need to beat 29 kill players in order to get the victory. However, battle royale is one separate option in this game.

So whenever you want to play PvP Battle, you have to need to go at a particular portion of the game. Where you will get full details of battle royale PvP. So battle royale is a separate part of this game. A3 Still Alive Beginner Guide & Tips

Each class has different skills & abilities!

In this game, there is a total of five playable classes. You can choose anyone and start your journey toward the game. However, keep in mind that each class has different skills and abilities. So it is very important to choose your favorite class wisely. Also, the class is defining your role in the game. For Example: If you have selected a support class then your main role is to support your teammates. To learn more about classes of A3 Still Alive, check out our full guide on A3 Still Alive Classes. This will help you to pick your best class in the game.

Below brief conclusion from that article on classes.

  • Best in Overall – Templar( Recommend class for F2P players)
  • Best in long-range: Archer class ( Bow weapon is very good in long-range attacks)
  • Best class for mage: Wizards( Magical spells)
  • Best DPS Class: Templar and Berserker
  • Best in Dodge attack: Assassin class

Use Special Coupons to get free rewards

There are some gift codes are available for the A3 Still Alive game. By using these codes, you will get free rewards in your account. So make sure, you are taking advantage of these special codes before it expires. Keep in mind new codes are constantly coming and old codes stop working after a few days. So try to find new codes in order to get free rewards regularly.

However, you can check our list of Special codes for A3 Still Alive game. We constantly update this list of codes, so make sure, you bookmark that page in your browser. Try to visit that page once a week. Below the list of all special codes that currently working.


Focus on Clear chapter 1 as fast as

In any MMORPG, it is very important to unlock new features of the game. To unlock these features of the game, you just need a good amount of CP Power, EXP, and level as well. So when you start the A3 Still Alive, I recommend you focus on clear chapter 1 as far as. Because you will get a lot of exp and CP after cleared chapter 1. Also, the soul linker will be unlocked in Chapter 1. You must be needed to give at least 1 hour’s time to clear chapter one( Auto-Playing review). However, it takes more than an hour if you not playing in Auto mode.

Soul linker is one pet system in the game. It supports you during the fight. So Pets are very important in any MMO.

The best way to level up  is to do quests

There are many different types of the quest are available in the A3 Still Alive game(Main quest, Region Quests, Support Quests, and Surprise more). Each quest can give you EXP, Rewards, and loots as well. On the left side upper corner, you will get all detail about the quest. However, you can also check out all details about quests and mission by just going to Setting Icon>Activity>Quests. You will get all information regarding your quest.

A3 Still Alive quest

From all quests, Region Quests are very important to get more EXP. Because you will get only 10 Region quest per day. So once, you did your 10 RQ, you can’t do anymore. So make sure you never miss any region quest per day.

There are three different types of Region Quests. Namely, Common, Special, and Soul Linker. The Soul Linker is quests that are very important. Because it will give you a lot of material to upgrade your soul linker. So make sure, you have done your soil linker quest. The special guest will be unlocked after you reached up to a particular Aldern frame. It can give you a lot of EXP and gold.

Another way to get a ton of EXP is to do Support quests. It can give you more EXP compare to others above any quest.

You can increase your CP by Level Skills, Gears & Equipment

CP is telling you about your Combat Power. If you have high CP, you can easily kill your enemies. At starting, you have very low CP. But as you get more gears and equipment, you can boost your CP power. However, there are many other little things that affect your CP Power. So below some tips to boost your CP Power in the A3 Still Alive game.

a3 still alive armor

The first most important thing to boost your CP is enhancing your Equipment. In other words, level up your gears and Equipment. Such as Weapons, Armor, etc. It maybe needs some material and gold as well. Different Equipment and gears are needed different types of materials.

Just tap on your bag icon and you will get all materials and items details. Click on the weapon icon and it showing you your current weapons. There are different types of weapons and armor in the game. Below is a list of all in order of their power.


So make sure you have equipped powerful weapons and armor for your hero. Also, make sure you enhanced your current weapon and Equipment as well.

a3 still alive enhance

Make sure your soul linker always alive & upgraded

In the A3 Still Alive game, Soul Linkers are your pets in the game. Similarly to any MMORPG game, this game also provides a pet system called Soul Linkers. As to give the above tip that clear chapter 1 in order to get more features in the game. So you will unlock soul linker during your Chapter 1.

A3 Still Alive Beginner Guide

When you drag your soul linker in the battle, it will die. So you have to need to revive them again to reuse them in the next battle or quest as well. So it very important that you continuously reviving your soul linker. So your overall CP maintains.

A3 Still Alive Beginner Guide

Keep in mind Soul Linker also has skill. So you also need to upgrade your skills. So your soul linker makes it more powerful and can give better performance in the game.

So these are some very useful tips and tricks with a guide for A3 Still Alive game. If you have any more useful tricks, you can share it via the Comment box.

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